Adding Certifications for Job Requirements

Adding or editing certificates in the Avionté system involves setting up certification options, creating custom job requirements for a company, and selecting certificate categories and authorities to meet specific needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Configure custom job requirements for companies by creating and editing certificate options in the Avionté system.
  • Utilize the Certificate Category dropdown to select parent and child records, defining specific certification criteria for filled job requirements.
  • Enhance flexibility by starting with existing requirement groups and adding multiple certificates as needed, streamlining the management of certification data.


Create Custom Job requirement for Company

  1. Go to the Company record
  2. Click on the Requirements Tab

  3. Click on the Create New Requirement Group button

  4. Add a Name to the Name this Filled Job Requirement Group field
  5. You can also start with an existing Requirement Group
    1. Select an option from the Select an existing Requirement Group to start with dropdown.
  6. Click on the Certificate Category dropdown, in the Custom Requirements section.

  7. Select a Certificate Category (Parent record)
    1. Adding Certificate Category (Parent) records
  8. Select a Certificate
    1. Adding Certificate (Child) records

  9. Click on the Plus icon

  10. Notice the Certificate Category and Certificate (Parent and Child) record is listed.

  11. Add more requirements as needed
  12. Click on the Save icon

  13. Notice the new Custom Filled Job Requirement Group


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