Addresses and Geo Codes (BOLD)

The article emphasizes the importance of geocodes in Bold, particularly for tax purposes. Geocodes are determined based on the state and zip code in an address, and having the correct geocode is crucial. When users encounter multiple geocodes for the same city, they can improve accuracy by providing the "zip + 4" postal code format. The article also guides users on finding the 9-digit zip code for their addresses using the official United States Postal Service (USPS) website.

Key Takeaways

  • Significance of Geocodes: Geocodes are essential for tax purposes in Bold, making it crucial to have the correct geocode associated with an address.

  • Address Accuracy: Users might face multiple geocode options for the same city when entering a state and zip code. Providing the 9-digit zip code, instead of the standard 5-digit code, helps improve accuracy and ensures the selection of the correct geocode.

  • USPS for Zip + 4: To find the 9-digit zip code for an address, users can visit the official USPS website and use the zip code lookup tool, which provides accurate and detailed information for improved geocoding.



Example of multiple Geo Codes

Adding the 9 digit Zip Code will resolve multiple Geo Codes being listed.

  1. For example the following address provides multiple geocodes for the same state & zip:
    2770 Blue Water Road
    Eagan, MN 55121

  2. Both 240371490 and 241232884 are potential options, but which one is correct?

  3. By using the 9 digit Zip Code instead of the 5 digit zip code, the geocode accuracy is improved, and the single correct geocode is provided as the only option to the user for selection.
    1. Section on finding the 9 digit Zip Code

    2. Notice the Geo Code is now only 240371490



Using USPS to get 9 digit Zip Code

  1. Go to the official United States Postal Service (USPS) website

  2. Enter in the address and click the Find button

  3. The address will now display the 9 digit Zip Code



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