24/7 Onboarding Overview

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What is Avionté 24/7 ONBOARDING?

Avionté 24/7 ONBOARDING empowers talent to quickly complete onboarding tasks online or in-app while eliminating time-consuming manual processing for recruiters and administrators via workflow automation.

  • The world has gone mobile. If your organization wants to remain competitive, then you need to be able to engage with talent on their terms, in real time
  • Staffing needs to provide easy-to-use solutions throughout the talent lifecycle to drive engagement, retention, and loyalty
  • 24/7 ONBOARDING delivers an exceptional mobile experience for talent and drives profitability by reducing non-productive Recruiter time on manual processing



How is 24/7 ONBOARDING different from current onboarding offerings in Bold?

  • Configurable workflows based on recruiting stages to decrease time to hire
  • Pre-defined tasks improve recruiter productivity and reduce administrative burden
  • Automated tasks and workflow create frictionless onboarding experience for talent
  • Initial notifications and automated reminders to increase talent task completion
  • Easy-to-navigate I-9 and W-4 compliance forms with e-signature
  • Mobile experience provides convenience and 24/7 access



Initial Setup

System Settings to turn on when 24/7 Onboarding is purchased:

  • 24/7 Onboarding
  • Enable Employer Specific Documents 

User Access for Administrators:

  • Search for "24/7"
  • Enable:
    • Onboarding Automation
    • 24/7 Workflow Access
    • 24/7 ONBOARDING Task Workflow Admin

24-7 user access claims.png




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