Create New Workflows with Onboarding Tasks (24/7)

Onboarding Workflows are a powerful tool for sending multiple tasks and documents to be shared with talent. Workflows can be automated based on triggers such as a change to the pipeline stage or talent status.



Create and send Workflows Video
Onboarding Workflow Stages and Tasks

Creating a new workflow
Creating Workflow Video


Create and send Workflows Video

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Onboarding Workflow Stages and Tasks

Onboarding Workflows consist of stages, which are comprised of tasks. As the tasks in one stage are completed, the next stage will start, until all tasks and stages have been completed.

Onboarding tasks such as setting up direct deposit or completing tax information can be grouped together in stages and then automatically sent to talent at the right time. Automation triggers can include the completion of another task or set of tasks, or the tasks could be sent when the talent reaches a certain point in the pipeline.

Note: The first task must always be Personal Info. 



Creating a new workflow

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Utilities
    1. Scroll to the bottom or search for WORKFLOWS to filter results.
  3. Click on the Onboarding 24/7 Workflows tile

    Account Settings - Utilities - 247 Onboarding Workflows.gif

  4. Click Add Workflow

  5. Fill in fields in top section:

    1. Title: A title for this workflow.
    2. Description: Description of intended uses for the workflow. 
    3. Effective Date: Date workflow becomes effective. Useful for setting up future flows with changing policies or updated documents such as a new employee handbook, for example.
    4. Company(s): Company or companies that the workflow applies to. If left empty, the workflow will apply to all companies. A drop down of available options will appear to filter selection based on what is typed in this field
    5. Workflow Office Access: A drop down of available offices to restrict the Workflow to.
    6. Enabled or disabled: Toggle this switch to enable or disable the workflow.

  6. The default stages in a new workflow are Review Contact Info, Qualification and Placement. Click Add Stage to add any other desired stages. 

  7. Edit the name of the stage and then use the drop down to select tasks for a stage. Additional tasks may be added with the Add Task button.

  8. Additional stage settings may be set. Tasks may can be given their own Due Dates in the stage. Unless otherwise specified, tasks inherit their default due date. Additionally, task reminders can be sent to talent and it can be required that they are completed in order, facilitating completion of any tasks with dependencies on other tasks.

  9. Click the reorder handle to drag and drop tasks to reorder them within stages.

    Click the Trash button and then click Delete to remove a task.

  10. Stages within a workflow can also be reordered and removed using the same methods as reordering or removing tasks within a stage.

  11. Click Save


Examples of different workflows


Messages and Warning

When assigning a Workflow, you may see a warning or message at the top.


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