Set up Job Costs (Table Editor)

If you need to track additional costs for filling a position then look no further. Cost types can be found on the Job Details page. You can add as many job costs as you need. The table editor allows you to create and update existing job costs. Examples of these could be background check fee, Craigslist Posting, or referral fee. Once you have your list completed then you can add these to your filled roles as needed. You can also view this within reporting as well.

Create and edit the costs and associated with with your jobs.


Create a new Job Cost

This is listed on the Job's Record > Job Costs widget

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Table Editor

    Account Settings - Table Editor.gif

  3. Click on Job Costs tile
  4. Add a name to the New Item field
  5. Click on the Add button
  6. Click on the Close button

Job Costs - Add New - Save.gif


Example of location of Job Costs

This is listed on the Job's Record > Job Costs widget

  1. Go to a Job's record
  2. Click on the Job Costs widget
  3. Select an item to add
  4. Click on the Plus icon
  5. Enter any Amounts and / or Notes

Job - Job Costs Widget - Select item.gif



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