Set up Extension, Termination and Convert Notifications (Table Editor)

Select the users who will be automatically notified which applicants are extended, terminated or converted.


Add or remove Users from Notifications

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Table Editor

    Account Settings - Table Editor.gif

  3. Click on Extension/Termination/Convert Notifications tile
  4. Click in the Users field
    1. Click the X next to a User name to remove
  5. Start typing in the User name
  6. Click on the User's name
  7. Click on the Save button
  8. Click on the Close button

Extension Termination Convert Notifications - Add Remove - Save.gif


Examples of Notifications

  1. Go to a Job's record
  2. Go to the Hired Details widget
  3. Click the Edit icon (Pencil) next to the Talent
    1. Extend, Terminate or convert the Job
  4. Click on the Save button
    1. A notification email will get sent to the defaulted User.

Job - Hired Details - Extend Term Convert - Notifications.gif



Example Email


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