Set up Nominate Defaults (Table Editor)

To increase the efficiency of your team, the Nomination Defaults configuration allows you to pre-select certain options from the Nominate fly-out. When nominating talent to a job, the system can be configured to automatically have Send Email selected, Feedback Forms attached, and/or the primary/newest resume attached.

Edit items to be defaulted when submitting a candidate.


Update Nominate Defaults

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Table Editor

    Account Settings - Table Editor.gif

  3.  Click on Nominate Defaults tile
  4. Select options from the 3 fields
    1. Send Email Checked By Default
    2. Select a Default Talent Resume
    3. Select a Default Feedback Form
  5. Click on the Save button
  6. Click on the Close button

Nominate Defaults - Update - Save.gif


Examples of Nominate Defaults

  1. Go to a Job's record
  2. Click on the View Talent Screen button
  3. Go to a Talent that to be nominated.
  4. Click on the Nominate icon  
    1. Fill out any additional information
    2. Any defaults set will be included here.
  5. Click on the Nominate button

Job - Talent - Nominate Defaults.gif


In this example, the Resumes is defaulted so it will include the Talent's resume.


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