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Avionté allows you to customize the login page for internal users, contractors or hiring managers to use. You also have the ability to add the link to your company’s website, making it easier to direct them to the login page. This reduces your users having to remember multiple websites to enter time, view jobs, or logging in.

Custom Login will allow you to customize the Avionté login page to include your company's logo and styling to match your current website!  Potential uses for this feature include: contractors/managers, adding a link to direct users to your company web page, and branding.

Note: The ability to customize the Login Page is not supported when Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is enabled.


In order to update your custom login, you will have to contact your Strategic Account Executive or Project Manager to turn the system feature on. (Additional Cost May Apply)

  1. Click Account & Settings
  2. Click Utilities


  3. Navigate to Custom Login Tile


  4. Create Updates as needed to your Custom Login Page (Reference Below):

(See red box below) - Add Header Image - Select Choose File --> Browse for desired Image --> Select Upload New Image


(See blue box below) - Color Template - Adjust the colors as needed for your desired Color Template for your Custom Login


(See pink box below) - Add Introduction Text as needed. This text will appear above the username portion on the Custom Login


After completion of your edits, select Save Login Page.




Here is an example of what a finished Custom Login can look like:





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