Tags and Classifications for Applicants/Talent

Tags offer are a great solution when it comes to internally and correctly categorizing candidate details. When you meet or interview with a candidate, you will want to head to their profile and begin categorizing them.



I just interviewed John. I found that he is an experienced Account Manager who has experience in Portfolio Management. Additionally, he is from NYC, and is open to moving back. Great news, since I have clients in Manhattan!

From John's profile, I will use Position Category and Skill Tags to highlight his work experience, and Applicant tags to document his seniority and his relocation preferences. 

Now any user who lands on John's profile can quickly pinpoint these important details.






Once you begin utilizing tags, you will accumulate quite a few profiles that share the same tags. When you need to locate a group of candidates who share that same skills set, you can run a tag search from the applicant search page:




Mass Tagging from Search

Once you locate a group of candidates from the Search Page, you can use the mass action feature to tag/categorize an entire group.



Position Category and Skills Tags

Position category and skill tags are shared between jobs, applicants, and contacts. It's important to understand and use these tags right off the bat.



When you create a job, you will want to use these tags to categorize the type of skills you are looking for. The job details page serves as a quick reference to anyone reviewing the details of the job.



The Auto Applicant/Talent finder section of the Talent/Candidate Page recognizes these tags upon job creation and begins scanning your database for candidates who also have these tags on their profile. As seen below, Carlos has been ranked a strong match as he has been tagged with as an Account Manager who has experience with Portfolio Management specifically. Additionally, from the resume preview, I can edit his tags as well.




Contacts who have been tagged with position category and skill tags can be leveraged from the search page as well. When you meet a strong candidate with a specific set of skills - run the below search from the CRM and market your awesome candidate to the group.









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