Displaying Posted Jobs via RSS Feed and XML Formats

There are several ways that your posted jobs can be displayed on a website.  This article will cover the RSS feed that Avionté offers for displaying jobs in a minimalist fashion.

Key Takeaways

  • Avionté provides an RSS feed URL for displaying job postings on a website's homepage, featuring essential job details like category, title, location, and URL.

  • By appending '&format=xml' to the RSS feed URL, users can convert it into non-RSS compliant XML format, unlocking additional data for more advanced integration.

  • The article includes an example XML code snippet for showcasing jobs in an RSS feed, catering to those with technical proficiency looking to customize the display of job listings.

RSS Link

Each build in Avionté comes with an RSS feed URL. The URL will always start with https://www.myavionte.com/buildjobs_rss.aspx and end with a unique ID for your build.


The only data that we pass into your RSS feed includes:

• Job Category
• Job Title
• Job Location
• Job URL

A common use for the RSS feed is a “Newest Jobs” widget on a website’s homepage where your latest job postings can be seen by visitors without having to navigate to your Careers Page. If a visitor to the home page would like to apply for one of the jobs in that feed, they can simply click on the Job Title and they’ll be brought to the apply page of your Careers Page for that job.


Converting to XML

There are other data available if you convert the feed to non-RSS compliant XML by adding the string &format=xml to the end of the RSS feed URL.



Example: If your RSS feed is this


Note: The link used in the example will not work as it's just an example
  • You can change it to standard XML by changing the URL to



Code Example

For the technically-minded, here is an example of the code for a couple of jobs in a typical RSS feed.

<rss version="2.0">
<title>Jobs at Avionté Staff Build</title>
Jobs currently open at Avionté Staff Build - Powered by Avionté - www.myavionte.com
<category>Human Rescources</category>
<title>HR Generalist</title>
<location>Foster City</location>
<date>1/26/2015 2:17:08 PM</date>
<department>Human Resources</department>
<division>Executitve Team</division>
<jbname>Main Job Board</jbname>
Category: Human Resources - Location: Foster City
<category>Business Development</category>
<title>Sr. Business Developer</title>
<location>San Francisco</location>
<date>4/2/2014 4:43:17 PM</date>
<jbname>Main Job Board</jbname>
Category: Business Development - Location: San Francisco


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