Set up and create Call Lists

The Call List feature gives users the ability to select and add multiple candidates to a call list. This call list can then be extracted to PDF or Excel format. 

Key Takeaways

  • Maximize efficiency in candidate management with the Call List feature, enabling the selection and extraction of multiple candidates to a customizable list.
  • Grant System Admins or Super Admins access to set up and configure Call Lists via Utilities > User Groups, enhancing control over the feature.
  • Easily generate Call Lists by creating a tailored search in the Talent > Search screen and utilizing the Mass Actions drop-down for seamless candidate organization and export options.

Setup & Configuration

System Admin and/or Super Admins will typically have the access to setup & configure Call Lists. In order to have the ability to create and configure a call list, you'll need to give access to yourself or your team within Utilities > User Groups by checking the Call Lists selection under Features.




You will now have the ability to edit the Call Lists tab within Table Editor. The screenshot below shows the recommended setup for a Call List. To edit call lists: 

  1. Open Utilities > Table Editor > Call Lists

    Account Settings - Table Editor.gif

  2. Enter a name for the Call List. 

  3. Place a check mark into the boxes next to the data points you want to be displayed when you view the Call List.

    Note: The middle column is pulled from your system's Talent Tags and the right-side column is pulling from your system's Custom Tags. Both of these lists can be adjusted in their respective sections in Table Editor.

  4. Click Save





Generate a Call List

To generate a call list:

  1. Start in the Talent > Search screen

  2. Create a search for the applicants you would like to have on the Call List.

  3. Run the search.

  4. Once the results are pared down to your liking, scroll to the bottom of the list and select Generate Call List from the Mass Actions drop-down.


  5. A fly-out will appear on your screen that prompts you to select a Call List View.

  6. Once your view has been selected, click Generate Call List to display your search results. From this stage, you can view from within the application, extract it to an Excel spreadsheet or PDF.






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