Web Referral Process


Talent May Enter a Referrer when applying

When an Applicant/Talent applies they have the ability to enter a referrer (which will appear in green within the talent/candidate screen). A referral that was entered upon applying can be found in three separate locations within Avionté: the web applicants/talent portion of the talent/candidate screen, the referral box within the Candidates profile, and the web applicant/talent activity within the Candidates profile. The referral follows the candidate through the interview process so that users can associate specific referrals per job.


Additionally, each job a Candidate is associated with can have a different referral listed. Users can still enter a referral within the Applicants/Talent profile, however, this referral will not be associated with a job. Only referrals that are updated within the talent screen are associated with jobs. 



Updating and Correcting the Referrer

If the incorrect referral is entered during web apply – or needs to be updated – users can make adjustments by clicking on the referral button from within the web apply, pipeline/under consideration, or nomination/submitted buckets of the talent/candidate screen. Once the referral button is clicked, a drop-down list of contacts will appear for you to select the new referral.


Note: You must turn on the referral column under the display column options in order to view/update this information.




Once a contact is selected from the drop-down, you will notice an arrow to the right of the referral token will appear. This arrow will take you to the corresponding contacts profile:




If referrer not found

If there is a referral entered but there is no arrow by the referrer's name, this means that the system could not find a matching referrer in the system. To match the referrer to a contact profile in the system, simply click to update the referral token. If a contact does not already exist in Avionté, a new contact profile will need to be created in order to provide credit for the referral.


Note: Web apply referrals will not automatically be matched to corresponding contact profiles in the system. This does not mean that a contact profile does not already exist. Users will need to update the referral token to the matching contact profile in the system.


Referral Key

Blue – Contact Profile Referral
Green – Applicant/Talent Profile Referral
Grey – Referral entered on web apply that has not been matched to a contact profile yet



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