Converting References into Talent or Contacts

The Reference Conversion tool allows you to easily convert candidate references to Applicants/Talent or Contacts within Avionté.


When to Use It

There are many situations during a reference check where the Reference can become a potential candidate or lead. Fortunately, the applicant’s/talent reference information is stored within an applicant’s/talent profile, allowing the Reference Conversion tool to seamlessly duplicate the Reference’s information and create their very own Avionté profile.


How to Use It

Once you have input all of the Reference’s information and notes you will see an icon in the top right giving you the option to convert the Reference into a Contact or convert the Reference to an Applicant/Talent.





If the Reference is converted to an Applicant/Talent, you will be brought to the ‘Applicant/Talent Uploader’ page where you can add tags, additional work history, and any other information you would find useful.

If the Reference is converted to a Contact, you must choose the company for which they currently work, select the office they work from, and finish creating the Contact from there.  If the company for whom the Contact you’re creating works is not yet in the list of companies, just click the “Create New Company” link and follow the on-screen instructions to create the company.  After doing so, you’ll be returned to the referral conversion window where you left off with the new company pre-selected.



Manual entry of names

You can keep track of referrals by manually typing the names of people who have referred Applicants/Talent or who have been referred by Applicant/Talent or Contacts by editing the Referral Information widget.  


From Applicant/Talent profile:


From Newly-Created Contact's profile:




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