Applicant/Talent Multi Upload

Do you have a list of candidates that you would like to upload into Avionté?  Then look no further than the Avionté Applicant/Talent Import tool to quickly turn that list into new Applicant/Talent Profiles!

If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager.


Importing Applicants/Talent via a .CSV file is broken down into two parts: creating a properly formatted CSV file and importing the .CSV file to Avionté.  Each step is described below.

Key Takeaways

  • The Avionté Applicant/Talent Import tool facilitates the quick creation of new Applicant/Talent Profiles from a list of candidates uploaded via a properly formatted CSV file, streamlining the onboarding process.

  • To enable the use of the Applicant/Talent Multi-upload feature, administrators can grant permissions through Account & Settings > User Accounts, allowing for efficient mass importing of candidates.

  • An alternative option allows for the mass upload of applicants/talent by sending an email to, which can handle up to 25 resumes per email, providing a convenient method for profile creation.


Settings and Permissions
Creating a Properly Formatted CSV File
Importing the .CSV File
Alternative option (max 25)



Settings and Permissions



To give permission to use the Applicant/Talent Multi-upload.

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on User Accounts
  3. Find the User profile
  4. Click on the Edit Access button

    Account Settings - Users - Edit Access.gif

  5. Go to the Sourcing sections
    1. Click the Mass Applicant Importer option
    2. Recommend to have the User log out and log back in for the permissions to be updated

  6. Once the permissions have been applied, you'll see this option under the Talent Tab
    1. Import Multiple




Creating a Properly Formatted CSV File

Start by going to the Applicant/Talent Tracking tab and then clicking on the Import Multiple link.

  1. Click on the button labeled Download Template File to download the template
  2. Save the .CSV file to your computer.
  3. Open the file and add the candidate’s information in each of the columns.
    1. You can list thousands of candidates at a time, so add as many as you like. 
  4. When all of your candidate information is entered, save the file.



Importing the .CSV File

Note: The duplicate checking checks for duplicate Talent already in the system and not on the spreadsheet.  The email address used for duplicate checking is the Contact Information Widget on the Talent Profile.

Return to Avionté and click on the Browse button.  Browse to the CSV file that you created in the previous step and select it.  Once the CSV file is selected, click on the Load File button to begin the import process. After a few moments, the results of the import will be displayed. (Exactly how long will depend on how many candidates are in the file, up to a minute or two.) Up to 10 sample candidates will be shown, along with how many Applicant/Talent Records Avionté was able to find in the file.



Once Avionté completes the import process, you will receive a confirmation showing how many records were successfully imported and how many were not.




Click to download the error report to review any applicants/talent that were not successfully imported. If you have additional templates to upload you have the option to continue on by "Uploading Another File". Lastly, you can elect to pipeline individuals to any relevant jobs. 



Alternative option (max 25)

Note: This option is currently only available for our clients using our Front Office Only version of BOLD, not for our clients using the Integrated Back Office. If using the Integrated Solution, please use this email:


Applicants/Talent can also be uploaded in mass by sending an email to Each email can contain up to 25 resumes. 

Once the email has been sent, the resumes will be parsed and profiles created automatically! Once all resumes have been parsed, you will receive a confirmation email confirming if the profiles were successfully created or not.

Note: that all resumes MUST have a first/last name and email address to check against duplicates.


The duplicate checking checks for duplicate Talent are already in the system and not on the spreadsheet.  The email address used for duplicate checking is the Contact Information Widget on the Talent Profile.


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