Setup Auto-Sync Email

With Auto Sync, you can sync your sent and received emails to an associated profile.

Auto sync is found within the Utilities section and needs to be configured to use your email credentials, IMAP server, and port. Once your settings are authenticated you need to select which of your email folders you want to sync.






  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Utilities
    1. Search for Auto Email Sync
  3. Click on the Auto Email Sync tile

    Account Settings - Utilities - Auto Email Sync.gif

  4. Click the control so that it is Enabled.
  5. Enter Your Email Provider information and password in the fields shown.
  6. Click Connect & Load Folders.
    1. A list of Folders to Sync will appear in the second column of the screen.
  7. Select the desired Folders to Sync.
    Note: syncing with multiple folders will probably result in duplicates. We suggest that you sync only with the folders Inbox and Sent Items. Selecting Calendar, Conversation History, etc., will duplicate syncs and take extra time.
  8. When set up is ready, scroll down and click Save.
    1. The system will begin syncing your emails.
  9. The sync process will run within the first 15 minutes that your auto sync is authenticated and will continue to run every 15 minutes after that. You will see the associated sync times to the right of your auto sync settings each time a sync completes.
    Note: There could be a delay of up to an hour or more, depending on the volume of transactions and system load, especially during peak times of the day.
  10. Any time you click “Connect & Refresh Folders,” the process will reset, and any emails that were sent during the reset time may not be synced.
  11. If you would like emails that are exchanged between members of your organization to not be synced, be sure to use the Filter Rules.
    1. By entering your email domain and selecting the 'Filter To' and Filter From' options, these emails will not sync into the system.




We recommend that users only sync their inbox and sent folders. If using Gmail, either select inbox and sent OR [Gmail]/All Mail. If all three are selected, it will create double logs.


Common Email Provider information

The following are some commonly used settings for email servers and ports:

Office 365




Gmail Server and Port

IMAP Server:

Port: 993


Note: Google has removed the ability to "Allow less secure apps" in Gmail. Generating an App Password and activating 2-step authentication is required when using Gmail integration. Please see the following article: Using IMAP Autosync with Gmail's 2-Step Verification for instructions.


By using Auto-Sync or Custom SMTP, your e-mail security is based on your e-mail provider (e.g. Gmail). Avionté does not apply security. Your security settings as just as secure as Gmail.


** If Gmail users still cannot connect, go to Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP and enable IMAP.


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