Hiring Manager Timesheet Approval Manual

This manual will walk your Timesheet Approvers through signing into Avionté and approving time.

If you are using back office, just make sure to include your logo and the correct sign in link.

Note: Managers must be added as Timesheet Approvers in order to approve Timesheets.


  1. Log into AviontéBOLD: https://BUILDNAME.myavionte.com/staff/login.aspx
    1. If this is your first time in Avionté, you will be receiving an email from the email address notifications@myavionte.com with login instructions (as seen below). If you are a returning manager, please use the same login credentials.


  2. Once logged in, you will land on your MyAvionté page. From here, the Manager Overview Widget will include Timesheets awaiting approval, requisitions that are currently pending, and active contracts.
    1. Click on the number next to 'Your Timesheets waiting for approval' to be brought to your timesheet list.


    2. Click the Timesheet Tab, you can view all timesheets awaiting approval.



    3. In approving time, Managers can either Approve or Reject time. If time is rejected, the consultant will receive an email to resubmit the timesheet.


    4. Timesheet can also be accepted or rejected through the email that is received when the consultant submits time.



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  • Does a manager need to be added as a "timesheet approver"  in order to see and push thru pending approval timesheet? 

  • Yes, all Timesheet Approvers need to be added so they can approve the Timesheets.

  • How can an approved timesheet be changed if an error is found before time entry is run?  Is there a KB article?

  • We're working on enhancements to allow integrated customers to adjust approved timesheets that haven't been pulled into the backend for processing; however, we don't currently have a timeline for when this feature will be available.