Set up Job Types (Table Editor)

Personalized Job Types allow your organization the flexibility to create business-specific Job Types beyond the defaults provided within the Connect Module. The four default Job Types are:

  • Contract
  • Contract to Perm
  • Permanent Placement
  • EOR

The way these four job types function will not be affected. Instead, you have the ability to personalize their names as well as add additional ones. The goal is to ultimately be able to incorporate this into reporting.

If personalized job types are something you are seeking, this can be configured by accessing the Table Editor > Job Types area. Here, a permissioned user can add a new Job Type name, as well as select how they would like this Job Type to work, by indicating in the Item Type dropdown if this personalized type should be a Contract, Contract to Perm, Permanent or EOR type of Job.

Key Takeaways

  • Personalized Job Types in Avionté offer the flexibility to create custom job categories tailored to your organization's specific business needs, complementing the default options provided.

  • The default Job Types (Contract, Contract to Perm, Permanent Placement, EOR) remain unchanged in their functionality, while you gain the ability to customize their names and add additional types for enhanced reporting.

  • Configuration of personalized job types can be easily accomplished through the Table Editor in Avionté, allowing authorized users to define new job types, specify their characteristics, and seamlessly integrate them into job records for streamlined categorization.

Create new Job Types

This is listed on the Job Record > Job Details section > Job Type field.

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Table Editor

    Account Settings - Table Editor.gif
  3. Click on Job Types tile
  4. Add a document name to the New Item field
  5. Click on the Add button
  6. Click on the Close button

Job Types - Add New - Save.gif



Example of new Job Type

This is listed on the Job Record > Job Details section > Job Type field.

When creating a new Job, the new option will be available in the Job Type field.

Job - Job Details - Job Type.gif



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