Posting and Managing Jobs

Avionté offers a user-friendly platform for announcing job openings. To post a position, simply go to the Job Details page, click the plus icon in the Job Posting Status and Options widget, and select the desired options. The platform allows for easy editing and removal of job posts and offers features like auto-sharing on social platforms, using company logos when sharing jobs, and monitoring job postings through widgets

Key Takeaways

  • Simple and Efficient Process: Avionté offers a straightforward and efficient process for posting job positions to your Careers Page. By navigating to the Job Details page and using the Job Posting Status and Options widget, users can easily post job openings without much complexity.

  • Limited Facebook Integration: It's important to note that Avionté's Facebook integration no longer works due to the removal of Facebook's Jobs API. As a result, job postings cannot be integrated with Facebook.

  • Customizable Job Postings: Avionté allows users to customize job postings by selecting job descriptions, job boards, workflows, and web tests as per their requirements. This ensures that the job postings can be tailored to specific needs and reach the desired audience effectively. Additionally, the platform provides options for auto-sharing on social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to increase exposure.





Step 1: Job Details Page

Avionté makes it simple to let the world know that you’re hiring. To post a position to your Careers Page, navigate to the Job Details page and select the plus icon from the Job Posting Status and Options widget.

Note: Facebook has removed their Jobs API and therefore our Facebook integration will no longer work.




Step 2: Job Description

Next, select a job description document from either the Document Manager Folder, or from the Uploaded Job Descriptions dropdown. Select "Load" to populate the text. This is a staging area that allows users to change any content, font, and/or styles before posting.




If you do not have a job description, you can enter a free-form text job description. Any text included within the rich text box will be displayed in the job posting.


Step 3: Edits

After you have added a job description, you can edit the following public-facing location and job title fields that will appear as-is on your website/job boards. 

Note: Making changes to any of these fields will not overwrite the information from the Job Details.



Step 4: Job Board Selection

Next, select which Job Board this posting should go to. You can have up to five Job Boards. Note, these are pages of your company's website, not external job boards.


As with all Job Postings, you have the ability to select a unique Workflow.  The Workflow is a series of application steps and requirements; you can create as many Workflows as you want from the Careers Page Editor.  For example, if you don't require anything more from your applicants than basic contact information, you can have a basic or "General Apply" workflow.  Conversely, if there are positions where you require applicants to include more information such as Education and Work History, you can select this Workflow from the dropdown.


Step 5: Post the Job

Lastly, if you require additional information or need qualifying questions, you can select a Web Test from the dropdown.  Web Tests are created and managed from Utilities > Web Applicant Test.  You can only include one Web Test per job posting.

At this point, you can select "Post Job" and this posting will only be added to your Careers Page.  If you would like to increase exposure by including this posting to third-party job boards, select the "External Job Boards" button.

Information on Job Boards.



You can select from multiple "free" feed-based integrations (Google Jobs, Glassdoor, Juju), as well as "paid" subscription-based integrations (Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster).

Note: You will only see CareerBuilder and Monster if your organization has a subscription and has setup the job board from the Avionté Marketplace.  


Once you have included the desired information, click Post Job.



After posting a Job

After you've posted a job, it's important to revisit the Job Posting Status and Options widget to:

  1. Select whether applicants must attach a resume to apply (this is a job-by-job setting and will always default to "yes")
  2. Select whether applicants can apply from your website using their Indeed profile



If you want to use external job boards to post positions such as Craigslist, Avionté makes it easy to funnel those candidates through your careers page by providing a unique landing page for each position that you post.

Select the "View Job Page" link and paste it within the job description on your external job board. Why? Because when the applicant/talent selects the link, they will be redirected to your website (driving traffic to your site). When they apply, their resume will be inhaled in Avionté and attached to the job.




Alternatively, you can share the "View Apply Page" link to take applicants straight to the application.





Auto Share

Select the "Autoshare" button to setup a recurring auto share to one of three social platforms: LinkedIn and Twitter. Note, each user must connect to these platforms by providing their credentials in the Avionté Marketplace. 

The "Autoshare" allows you to schedule the frequency and time of the posting, as well as supplemental text.  The following posting will be added to your social profile where your network can apply to the job from the corresponding link.

Note: Facebook has removed their Jobs API and therefore our Facebook integration will no longer work.




You can also press the "Direct Share" button and share this unique job landing page across 322 social networks. 



How To Tell If Your Job Has Been Posted

In the Job Details page, you’ll see links to the "View Job Page" and "View Apply Page" buttons.  If you included external job boards, you will see these listed above buttons.

Note: Facebook has removed their Jobs API and therefore our Facebook integration will no longer work.




If your job has been posted, it will show a green suitcase on the Job Board Search page.




You can add the "Your Posted Jobs" widget to your dashboard.  This widget allows you to see a combination of your jobs (where you are the Job Owner), as well as all jobs.





Use Your Company Logo When Sharing Jobs

When sharing jobs to networks that allow an image to be included, Avionté will automatically use the image from within your instance of Avionté.




Editing a Job Post

After you have posted a job, you can make edits to the existing posting (Job Description, External Job Boards, Job Title, etc.) by selecting the eye icon:



Additionally, you can create a new job posting for a secondary location by selecting the "plus" icon.  For example, if you want to advertise a posting in more than one market, you can create a new posting for the same job simply by changing the location details.  After the secondary job location is posted, you will see two postings (one for each location) on your website, as well as any external job board selected.  Regardless of which location an applicant applies to, their information will funnel to one job, so you can manage their application from the Talent Screen accordingly.



Removing a Job Post

When you move the job to a closed tier manually or because you have filled the job, Avionté will automatically delete the job posting from all posted locations.

If you need to remove the posting for other reasons, you can do so from the Job Details page. Removing the job post manually will also remove the job from any job boards you’ve posted through Avionté without compromising the job status in Avionté.






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