Uploading Invoices into Xero


Avionté now integrates with cloud-based accounting software, Xero. Below are instructions on how to get your invoices from Avionté to Xero.

  • Integrated BOLD clients: The data comes from the Front Office timesheet totals that are sent to Back Office (and not the Back Office invoices).


Pin Report
Import and Approve



Pin Report

To locate the Xero Invoice Report, click into the “Reports” tab and simply type “Xero” into the search bar. We recommend you pin it to the top for easy access, as highlighted below:




Under the “Report Filters”, select the appropriate invoice by pay date.  Note: there might be multiple invoices listed by the same date—make sure to select the company’s invoice by time created.



Make sure to double check the data displayed in the columns is correct.  You can re-arrange the order of the columns by clicking and dragging.

When you’re ready to import into Xero, navigate to the bottom right and click “Export to Excel”.  This is the file you will be importing into Xero so make sure to save it as a CSV file.




Here is a list of terms

  • Description = contractor’s name
  • Quantity = hours worked
  • Unit = bill rate
  • Account code = tax type



Import and Approve

Once you’ve saved your file, log into Xero.  Under the “Accounts” tab, select “Sales” from the drop-down.



Click the Import button




Navigate to “Step 3” and select “Browse” to open your saved CSV file from Avionté. Once selected, click “Import” at the bottom.

Note: you will NOT need to download the invoices template in Step 1, as the Avionté report is already configured to the correct column headings required by Xero.



You will see a notification alerting you to the number of invoices being imported.  If this number does not match with the number of invoices you’re trying to import, click “Go Back” to re-upload another CSV.



Once imported, the invoice will appear as a draft.  You can make any last-minute edits before approving.

To approve multiple invoices simultaneously, select the checkbox on the left side, next to the invoice number.




Alternatively, you can drill into an invoice by clicking into the company name (the “To” column).



Once approved, you’re all set!


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