Set Up and Use Talent Statuses

Avionté has functionality that allows recruiters to track a Talent status. The purpose of the Talent status is to give recruiters a personalized tool for tracking and viewing a Talent’s overall standing within their organization. This status will be visible within the Talent search grid if desired, as well as a new Talent Term for searching.

It is not uncommon for Recruiters to have a strong need to track a Talent’s overall status with their ­staffing organization. This is often used to track things such as when a Talent has all paperwork needed to be placed in a contract Job to when a Talent has indicated they are no longer in need of work. The goal of utilizing talent statuses is to help recruiters build their overall Talent pipeline for all Talent within the ATS.


Key Takeaways

  • Avionté offers a personalized Talent Status feature that allows recruiters to track a Talent's overall standing within their organization. This tool helps recruiters manage various aspects, from paperwork completion to a Talent's availability for work.
  • The setup involves customizing Talent Statuses in the Table Editor section. Default statuses like "Applicant," "Online Applicant," and "Incomplete Applicant" are provided. The "Incomplete Applicant" status is particularly useful for tracking candidates who start the application process but don't complete it.
  • The system also allows for the creation of personalized statuses with types like "General" or "Do Not Assign." Additionally, AviontéBOLD keeps an audit log of any changes made to a Talent's status, providing transparency and a record of actions taken.



To begin using this functionality go to Table Editor > Talent Status and set up the personalized Talent Statuses to be used by your organization. There are a few defaults:

This will show up on the Talent's record > Document Tab > Contract Type section

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Table Editor

    Account Settings - Table Editor.gif

  3. Click on Talent Status tile



This will be the default status any time a Talent is entered by a Recruiter or another user manually.


Online Applicant

This will be the default status any time a Talent is created by completing an application.


Incomplete Applicant

This allows organizations to track general apply applicants who have not completed the entire general apply workflow. Once an applicant completes the first page of a general apply their status will be set to "Incomplete Applicant." Once all steps in the general apply workflow are complete the applicant status will be updated to "Online Applicant."


This status occurs when a candidate starts the general application process and completed the first section that includes their name, address, and other introductory information. However, the candidate did not complete the entire web application workflow. When that happens, the system ingests the record for the candidate in order to create a profile, but the status of "Incomplete Applicant" is given. This is a hardcoded (mandatory) talent status to indicate that a candidate started, but did not complete an application.


This applies to job boards as well as general applies.




Setup Types

When setting up personalized statuses there is a type that can be selected of “General” or “Do Not Assign.”



This is to indicate this status is a general status to be utilized.


Do Not Assign

This is to indicate a Talent should not be placed.


Once the setup of personalized Talent Statuses is complete, you can choose to display Talent Status in your talent search results as well as to conduct a search on Talent Status.



Talent Audit Log

AviontéBOLD tracks changes made to a talent, by an HCM user. These changes are recorded in an audit log.

To access the audit log, click the "i" button on the talent screen. It is next to their avatar/picture and underneath the "move" and "edit" buttons:




The talent audit log will open in a popup:



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