Using and Viewing the Adobe Sign Document Audit Report

In the event of an audit by USCIS, staffing and recruiting agencies will need to provide all completed I-9 documents for all employees who worked in a specific timeframe. If you are using Avionté's integration with Adobe Sign in AviontéBOLD to send, sign, and collect e-signature documents for employees, Avionté's Adobe Sign Document Audit export tool to easily export documents completed within a specific date range. The application will gather all use instances of that document and organize an audit report in Adobe PDF.



Enabling Audit Permissions
Running the Document Audit
Reviewing the completed Audit Report
Error Messages
Completed Audit Reports


Enabling Audit Permissions

Before users can run the Adobe Sign Document Audit, they will need permission to run this export. To grant permission to users or user groups to perform this action, you will need to select the E-Signature Document Audit permission from the user or group's permissions list. 

Note: If this option isn't listed then please create a Support Ticket to have this feature activated.
  1. Open the Account & Settings menu and select User Accounts
  2. Click Edit Access next to the corresponding user's name.
  3. Check the box for E-Signature Document Audit in the Export Reports section
  4. Click Save
      1. The User should log out and log back in for the permissions to be applied



Running the Document Audit Export

  1. Open Analyze from the main menu
  2. In the Reports list, search for "Adobe" to filter the list.
  3. Click Adobe Document Document Audit

  4. Select the Start and End Dates from the corresponding drop-down calendars. The export will pull all documents that moved to a Completed status between these two dates. These dates should reflect the dates requested on the Notice of Inspection from the USCIS.

  5. Select a document type from the Completed Document drop-down. Once selected, the document name will appear to the right of the drop-down. Users can select more than one document type to include in a single audit. Repeat this step for all document types that should be included.

  6. Click Submit to process the audit export. When documents are selected and Submit is clicked, every instance of those document type is retrieved. In some cases, there may be thousands which is why a confirmation window will display an estimated time to retrieve all of the selected documents.
    1. You are still able to use AviontéBOLD while the Audit Report is running

  7.  Click Export to process the audit. When the process is complete, an email will be sent to the admin with a link and a password. Follow the instructions in the email to retrieve the audit report.


Reviewing the completed Audit Report

  1. You should receive an email, once the Audit is complete
  2. There will be a link on the Audit when you view the "Adobe Sign Document Audit" Report

  3. Notice the Zip file is downloaded (or should be listed in your Downloads Folder)
    1. The name of the file will vary each time a new Audit Report is created

  4. You can open the Zip file or Unzip the file
    1. Right click on the file
    2. Click Extract All...

    3. Click Extract
      1. You can change the location if you'd like but we recommend not changing

      2. Opening the Unzipped file

      3. Opening the Zipped file

    4. Open the Documents Folder
      1. There should be 2 types of Adobe PDF for each Applicant
        1. The PDF with the word AUDIT will show the audit/changes
        2. The PDF without the word AUDIT is the actual file completed by Applicant

      2. Without the word AUDIT in the name

      3. With the word AUDIT in the name

    5. Open the TableOfContents.csv file
      1. This will show additional details regarding the Adobe files in the Document Folder

Error Messages

Export already processing

The Avionté system can only run one document export at a time. Therefore, if another export is still processing, an error message will appear in the E-Signature Document Audit screen when it is first opened by a user. Click Close to acknowledge the error and close out the pop-up. The Submit button on the E-Signature Document Audit screen will be disabled until the other active import completes.



Export too large

If the document export locates more than 5,000 documents in the audit request, an error message will appear stating that the export is to large. If you receive this message, you will need to alter your dates or include fewer document types to create a list of documents that contains 5,000 or less.



Completed Audit Reports

After the export is completed, admin users will receive an email confirming the completion of the export.  Completed audit reports are available as a .zip file and will display in the Active Reports section of the Adobe Sign Document Audit screen. Each export will automatically be deleted after ten days.




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