Synergi Partners Integration

Synergi Partners has teamed up with Avionté to help employers take advantage of economic relief incentives for businesses impacted by COVID-19. Through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and the CARES Act, employers can receive refundable Federal tax credits such as the Sick Leave Credit, Family Leave Credit, and Employee Retention Credit.

Synergi Partners has also helped thousands of businesses find hundreds of millions of dollars through Federal disaster relief programs available to businesses impacted by hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters that happened in 2017-2019. Synergi can also help businesses improve their bottom line by screening and processing for employment-based incentives such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).


Integration Details

We have an integration with Synergi Partners where we are sending payroll and branch data in an automated fashion.

  • The first sending of information pulls payroll data going back from 12/31/2017 through current date.
  • Data is sent every Monday evening, for the previous week's accounting period.
    • NOTE: Data is pulled only if that accounting period is closed. If the accounting period wasn’t closed, that week’s worth of data would be pulled during the next data transmission.
  • File Type: .csv


Location Data Mapping

The location file passes branch and supplier information only.  This data can be found in Admin Tools > Supplier details and the Branch tab.


Avionté Field

Location Name

Branch Name

Corporate Name

Supplier Name


Supplier > FEIN

Corporation Type


Location #

Branch ID

Payroll Code


Street Address 1

Branch > Street1

Street Address 2

Branch > Street2


Branch > City


Branch > State


Branch > Zip Code




Branch > Active



Payroll Data Mapping

The payroll file contains employee, payroll, contribution, and sick leave information. 


Avionte Field


Client ID

Avionte Company Code


Location #

Paycheck > Branch ID



Employee > SSN


Employee ID

Employee > ID


Employee Status

Employee > Status


First Name

Employee > First Name


Last Name

Employee > Last Name


Street Address

Employee > Street 1 + Street 2



Employee > City



Employee > State



Employee > Zip


Pay Period Start


Determining based on Pay Period

Pay Period End

Transaction > Weekworked


Pay Date

Paycheck > Check Date


Check Number

Paycheck > Check Number


Item Code

Transaction > Pay Code



Transaction > Pay Units



Transaction > Pay amount


Hire Date

Assignment > Start Date

First assignment start date that has transactions associated with it

Start Date

Assignment > Start Date

First assignment start date that has transactions associated with it

Date of Birth

Employee > Birth Date


Email Address

Employee > Email

Where contact method type property, IsDefaultEmail = True

Phone Number

Employee > Phone

Where contact method type property, IsPrimaryPhone = True


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