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With Avionté Spotlight you have the ability to search and import applicants from multiple job boards in one convenient location. Spotlight can be integrated with many job boards, such as Careerbuilder, CareerBuilder Web, Dice, Indeed, Linkedin Basic, LinkedIn Recruiter, Monster, Monster PRS, and Monster PRS 2.



First, you will need to have the feature activated by Customer Support.  You will also need to collect the usernames and passwords for the sites you wish to integrate with Avionté. Once this is complete:

  1. Go to the Talent page.

  2. Click Spotlight.Talent - Searchlight.png

  3. Select the "settings" icon at the top right corner of Spotlight. The Resume Database Setup screen appears.Spotlight - Settings.png

  4. Here, input the username and password for each job board you work with.Spotlight - Resume Database Setup.png

  5. Click Save Changes.


Note for Indeed Users: Indeed has implemented a more modern and secure "OAuth" authentication method that requires you to use a generated token instead of a user name. After applying a token, a password is no longer necessary with Indeed.

Once a candidate has been imported into the system, Avionté will populate the below information into their profile.

  • First and Last names
  • Country
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Mobile
  • Primary Email
  • Resume
Note: Spotlight does not validate your job board credentials until a search is run.


Once your job boards are configured

  • You have the ability to use Boolean searching (terms like And, Or, and Not)

  • You can save searches by selecting your search options, then click the "disk" icon, next to the "settings" icon

  • Job board tabs will try to duplicate the search criteria in the top half



Search criteria specific to a particular job board will be in their respective tabs.  Each job board search result will show up under a separate tab.


From the search results, you are able to import applicants directly into Avionté.




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