Using the Resume Generator

The Resume Generator is a tool that allows users to create resumes for Talent profiles using information gathered and stored on the profiles.


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Using the Resume Generator

This is especially beneficial in scenarios where your Talent has not provided a resume. As a part of this resume generation process, setting up a default style and brand to be associated with these generated resumes are part of the feature, ensuring these resumes are ready to submit to your customers.  Talent profile areas that can be included on the generated resumes are:

  • Contact Information
  • Education
  • Work History
  • References
  • Position Category / Skillset tags
  • Results from Applicant Tests
  1. If any of these fields are not used or should not be included, they can be deselected during the setup. Setup is located in Utilities > Resume Generator.


  2. Now that the desired fields have been configured, recruiters are two steps from being able to go to any Talent Profile > Resume Tab and use the “Generate Resume” tool located in the resume Documents area.


  3. The default order of fields will be shown, giving users a chance to update, if needed.


  4. Users will be able to confirm the resume brand and preview the information. If there is anything that needs to be hidden or added, this can be done from the preview section. Once this is done, the recruiter will choose the file type they would like it saved as, name the resume and generate it.


  5. Now the recruiter has a resume that can be submitted to a hiring manager. This is accessible in the Talent > Resume area.



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