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Many of you have expressed having scenarios where your Company Contacts hire for multiple Company Offices.  Historically the selection of the Manager when creating a job would associate that Job to the Correct Company and ultimately Company Office.

To improve this experience and solve for this scenario, we have added the selection of the Office when creating a job as well as added visibility to the Company Office a Job belongs to throughout AviontéBOLD.  Please review the below screenshots for more insight into all that has been added.

Key Takeaways

  • Enhance job creation by selecting the specific Company Office, providing improved clarity for scenarios where Company Contacts hire across multiple offices.
  • Gain visibility into the associated Company Office directly in various sections of AviontéBOLD, such as Job Details, Search Results, and relevant widgets.
  • Streamline the workflow for Company Contacts managing jobs across offices by incorporating the Company Office selection feature in key AviontéBOLD modules.

Job Create

When creating a job, the field will be the Company Office.



Job Details

The Office will display next to the name of the company.



Job Search Term

When viewing the widget, it will also display the Office.



Job Search Results

The Company Office field can be added to the search results.



Company > Contacts > "Create Job" button



Company > Jobs



Company > Timesheets



Talent > Timesheets



Talent > Placements



Talent > Quick Actions



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