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You can enhance the Default BOLD Start Sheet in Avionté by adding extra custom job details. Access the template editor by clicking "Account & Settings," then "Utilities," and selecting "System Email Settings Tile." Edit or create new Start Sheet templates, and utilize standard and custom merge fields for personalized content. You can also include images or links for company information and pre-populate job details using the Table Editor section. This customization allows you to efficiently generate Start Sheets with relevant job information for assigned Talent within the Job Order.


Key Takeaways

  1. Enhancing Start Sheets: Readers will understand how to modify the Default BOLD Start Sheet in Avionté by adding custom job details to provide more comprehensive and personalized information to candidates.

  2. Customization Options: The process involves utilizing the template editor to create or edit Start Sheet templates and using both standard and custom merge fields for dynamic content, as well as incorporating images and links for additional company details.

  3. Pre-Populating Job Details: By accessing the Table Editor section, readers can create and assign custom job details to specific jobs, and then apply these details to Start Sheet templates. This ensures that each Start Sheet includes relevant job-specific information for assigned Talent.


Add Additional Custom Job Details to the Default BOLD Start Sheet

  1. Click Account & Settings
  2. Click Utilities


  3. Select System Email Settings Tile.


  4. Click the Edit button to the right of Start Sheet Email Templates to open the template editor.


  5. Edit or Create New Start Sheet templates within this section.




Merge Fields

Example: using some of the Standard Merge Fields. You can also add all Custom Job Details from the Standard Merge Fields drop-down.


  1. Insert Images or Links to display company information. Use banner tools to align & size.


  2. In order to insert additional pre-populating job detail information, navigate to the Table Editor section. Account & Settings > Table Editor.


  3. Select Custom Job Details Tile.


  4. Enter Title & select Item Type for new Custom Job Detail. Click Add to complete.


  5. Within created Jobs - scroll down to locate the Custom Job Details section. Use the dropdown below Custom Job Details to select desired fields for the job which were previously created with the table editor.


  6. Use the addition (+) symbol to add/activate the selected Job Detail.


  7. Enter any associated values to the custom Job Detail. Example of Safety Information shown below.
  8. Click the Save icon


  9. Add additional Custom Job Details & Values as required for the job from the dropdown.


  10. Locate assigned Talent within the Job Order & click the Arrow Sheet button to launch the Start Sheet Email.


  11. To manually copy specific Custom Job Details, simply scroll to the bottom of the template to locate the Custom Job Details & Copy.


  12. Paste Custom Job Details to the desired location within the Start Sheet template. Send when complete.



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