Do Not Place (DNP)

The Do Not Place ("DNP") setting will prevent certain talent from being included in new job pipelines. This feature provides HCM Users with the ability to restrict talent from being hired at specific companies or offices.



How to grant Access for DNP - User Settings

The following are steps for an admin to follow to grant themselves access to use the "Do Not Place" feature. This gives a user the ability to add or edit which talent users cannot be added to jobs for a certain company or office.

  1. Go to User Access by clicking Account & Settings > [username] > click Edit Access.
  2. In the Management section, search by "management" to narrow down the options; then, click the box for "Company Restrictions."


  3. Click Save.
  4. Log off and then log back on again.



How to use restrictions in the Company profile

  1. Search for and select a company where restrictions should be set up.
  2. Select the Restrictions tab. The system displays the Do Not Place screen.


    1. If there are existing Do Not Place restrictions, the system displays them here. All of the talent users who are DNP for the selected company are shown.
  3. To add new restrictions
    1. Use the talent search box to find the talent desired
    2. Select the talent record when it appears
    3. Select offices for the restriction to apply from the Restrict from Offices dropdown, or leave it selected as All Offices if the talent should be DNP for all offices in the company
    4. Enter a Note if desired. Use Notes to indicate who initiated the DNP; for example, if it is the talent, write a note in the form of "Dave isn't willing to travel to these locations." If it is the company that initiated the DNP, write a note such as "Gary was fired and cannot work at any location."


  4. Click Add Talent Restriction
    1. The talent will be added to the display grid underneath.


Edit or Delete Restriction

To edit a restriction, begin typing the talent name into the search box for the existing restriction. The restriction details will appear in the area below, which will enable the user to edit them. Clicking the Add Talent Restriction button will save the changes.


To delete restrictions, click the trashcan icon for the talent.

If a user does not have DNP access, they can view the talent restrictions but may not change them.


If a user tries to pipeline, nominate, or start a talent marked as DNP, the system will remove the talent from consideration and display a message to that effect.






How to designate a Talent as Do Not Place

Following these steps will result in the system preventing the pipelining or nomination of talent to jobs they should not be started on. This way users won't waste time staging talent that can never be started.


On the Talent screen there is a Restrictions tab.


This screen shows the Do Not Place information for the talent.


You can add additional restrictions here. For example, if a Talent reports that they had a bad experience at a particular company and don't want to work there, you can add the company to the talent's DNP list.

  1. Search for the Company the user wants to make the restriction for using the search box. When the company name comes up, click it to select it.
  2. Select which Offices the talent should not be placed at using the Restrict from Offices dropdown, or leave it alone to restrict from all offices.
  3. Enter a Note if desired.
  4. Click Add Talent Restriction. The system will add the restriction to the list.

When a job has been created for the company or office for which the talent has been marked as DNP, an HCM user will be prevented from nominating or pipelining the talent to that job.


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