Create Talent without an Email

Sometimes your talent might not have an email address, but you still need the ability to create the talent user and send Onboarding Tasks.  With this feature, you are able to create talent without an email and send documents for them to complete.

NOTE: If you are using Rapid! Pay for your talent or are otherwise required to or have chosen to have MFA enabled for your talent users, an email address will be required when creating a talent.



Create Talent

Reset Password for Talent

Set Default Password

Sending Onboarding with proper Settings



Create Talent

This feature needs to be activated prior to use.  Please contact your Account Manager for more information on activation.

  1. Log in


  2. Click the Talent Tab
  3. Click Add New Talent


  4. Create a New Talent, without an Email address
    1. Note: They must use a Mobile Phone number
      1. This can be setup as a Requirement;
        1. Information on the Table Editor.


  5. Click Submit Applicant button
    1. Then you’ll be brought to the new Talent just added


  6. Under Quick Actions, click Create User.
    1. If you don't see this option, click the "down arrow" to see the option.
      Note: This must be done prior to sending Onboarding Tasks.


  7. Add a Username.
    Note: This must be unique and not used by any other type of user in the system.  If you receive a message that the Username is already in use, then please try making changes to the Username and try again.

  8. Click the Create User button.
      1. You should see a message about the individual not having an email address (at the top).


  9. Write down / copy the information.
    1. Provide this information to the Talent.  The Talent can sign in with the Email or Username provided.

  10. Click Close.


  11. Refresh the page.
    1. Click the Refresh icon or press the F5 key.


  12. Notice that under the Talent Info Section, the Username and Email should show.
    1. An automatically generated Email should also be inserted under "Contact Information."



Reset Password for Talent

  1. Go to the Talent's profile you'd like to reset the password for.
  2. On the profile picture section, click the Edit icon


  3. Click the Reset Password button


  4. There are a few different options


    1. Reset without Email
      1. Click the Set Password button
      2. The pop up window will close


    2. Welcome Email
      1. The Welcome Email template will be sent
      2. The pop up window will close

    3. Standard Email
      1. The Standard Email template will be sent
      2. The pop up window will close


Set A Default Password

This can be helpful for making sure the initial passwords are all the same.  Password requirements need to be met; these include at least 8 characters and 1 number.

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click Table Editor

    Account Settings - Table Editor.gif

  3. In the Search Tables field, type "PASSWORD"


  4. Locate the Talent section
  5. Click on Default Talent Password


  6. Enter in the new default password for Talent
    1. It must be a minimum of 8 characters and 1 number.


      Note: You will be able to save a default password without meeting complexity criteria (8 characters and 1 number).
      However, once the Active checkbox is turned on (to force the default password for new users), the password must meet the complexity criteria.


  7. Click the Active checkbox
  8. Click the Save button


  9. Once you've saved the change, you'll see a "Save Successful" message.
  10. Click Close



Sending Onboarding with proper Settings

Addendum: On Attempting to Send Onboarding Tasks Without the Associated System Setting

If a client does not have "Allow Contractors without Emails" checked in System Settings, they will experience the following expected behavior:


When clicking "Send Onboarding tasks", if the Talent does not already have a user created, Recruiters will experience the following:

  1. A pop-up saying "Create User". Click "Create & Send Email" to proceed.
  2. The next view of the pop-up will inform the Recruiter that the new user has been created and will show a username/email as well as a password that the Talent can use to log in.
    • If logging in with a temporary password, they will be prompted to set a permanent password, in the same way as if they clicked the password link in their email as normal.
    • If the Talent does not have access to their personal email while they're in the office, the recruiter can copy the password down and give it to them without the Talent needing to access their email to set their password.
    • Talent can log in with either the system-generated username or their email address, but we recommend using Email for ease of use.
    • Talent will still receive an email that their user has been created and the ability to set their permanent password via email.
  3. After Closing the pop-up, you can proceed with initiating Onboarding tasks, and Talent Task emails will send out as expected.
  • On the Talent profile, underneath the Talent's status, their portal Username and Email will display for easy reference. If the Talent has not yet had a user created, this information will not display.

Note: Portal login username/email on record cannot be hidden to Recruiters once the user is created.



Q: Can I choose the password without setting a default password?

A: No, passwords generated via reset will always be random.

Q: Who can reset a password for a talent user without an email?

A: Any HCM user will have the ability reset passwords without needing Utilities / User Account access

Q: Can a login ID be customized?

A: The login ID can be customized (provided it's not already in use) at the time of user creation but cannot be edited after the fact. Existing users with login IDs that were randomly generated cannot be changed at this time.

Q: What if a talent does not have a phone number or email address?

A: The talent is required to have an email address or mobile phone number (to support future MFA features), so they may want to consider requiring a phone number as part of the required fields for a new talent (and configure their application verification accordingly)

Q: When a user is created, it adds a dummy email address. What happens if a user emails it?

A: Nothing will stop people from sending emails to a talent that have a "dummy" email address generated for them. These emails go nowhere and cannot be accessed by anyone (they are auto-deleted).




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