Add and Use Hiring Manager Widgets

Widgets offer a convenient way to access quick information on tasks, jobs, talent, and companies/contacts in AviontéBOLD, and users, especially hiring managers, can enhance their experience by customizing their dashboard through the "Add Widget" option, providing features like task approval, job creation, and overview of pending positions, interviews, and account representatives with just a click.

Key Takeaways

  • AviontéBOLD's widgets empower users, especially hiring managers, to access essential information quickly and customize their dashboards, enhancing efficiency and task management.
  • The "Add Widget" feature allows users to personalize their AviontéBOLD experience, providing at-a-glance insights into tasks, jobs, talent, and contacts, streamlining day-to-day operations.
  • Widgets cover a range of functionalities, from managing interviews, positions, and candidate status to overseeing account representatives, offering a comprehensive toolset for users navigating various aspects of the recruitment process.

Adding Widgets

However, if hiring managers choose to log in to AviontéBOLD, they can do things like approve/reject time or filter through any/all timesheets, etc. They also have the option to Add Widget to customize their dashboard. 

Click the Plus icon next to the Widget



Available Widgets

Tasks, Events, Projects

Manager Overview

Includes aggregate counts for timesheets awaiting approval, pending Jobs, active contracts and more. Click on the number to go to the appropriate section. 

Note: If the number = 0, then it won't bring you to a new screen.

Create a New Job: This will create a pop up window for you to create a new Job.




My Interviews

My Interviews include a list of recent and upcoming interviews where you are a participant. 

Name: This will bring you to the Talent's record

Interview Kit: This brings you to the Manager Feedback section



Positions Pending

Positions Pending includes a list of pending positions.

Job: This brings you to the Job

Nom: This brings you to the Nominated section of the Job

Pipe: This brings you to the Pipelined section of the Job

Web: This brings you to the Web Applicants section of the Job




Candidate Status

This will show you any Candidates that you have for your Jobs.  Candidate Status includes a list of candidates and their respective statuses.

Name: This will bring you to the Talent's record

Job: This will bring you to the Job the Candidate is assigned

Interview Kit: This brings you to the Manager Feedback section



Contracts  & Companies

Account Representative

Displays a list of Account Representatives (usually Recruiters) that are your point(s) of contact.  Account Representative includes Account Representative contact details.

Clicking on their email will open a new email.




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