Send Interview Kit and Feedback Forms

You can use the Interview Kit any time you update the candidate's nomination stage. Simply click on the Include Interview Kit check box and create the agenda.  You can send the interview invitation to as many people as you would like, as well as allocate different increments of time and unique feedback forms can also be created and distributed.  And as always, you can send the invitations to both internal and external interviewers.

Key Takeaways

  • Avionté's Interview Kit simplifies the interview scheduling process by allowing users to include interview agendas, allocate time increments, and create unique feedback forms for internal and external interviewers.
  • By activating the Interview Kit in the nomination process, users can seamlessly fill out interviewer details, set dates and times, and automate reminders, enhancing the efficiency of managing talent interviews.
  • The Interview Kit's flexible features, including the ability to resend feedback forms and send interview invitations with attachments for calendar integration, contribute to a comprehensive and streamlined interview experience within the Avionté platform.



Activating the Interview Kit

Once Talent has been nominated, the Actions menu provides additional options for sending the Interview Kit.
Note: As a default, the Interview Kit is not included.
Not included Included
mceclip0.png mceclip1.png
While on the Talent Screen for the Job
  1. Go to the Nominated section
  2. Locate the Talent
  3. Click on the Action drop down menu
  4. Select an Active option
    1. The options listed may vary based on Admin setup
      Job - Talent - Nominate Action - Interview Kit.gif

  5. Fill out the following fields for the Interviewers section
    1. Interviewers:
    2. Date:
    3. Start:
    4. End:
    5. Location:
    6. Feedback Form:
    7. Invite
      Interview Kit - Interviewers section.gif

  6. Fill out the following fields for the Talent Documents section
    1. Talent Documents
    2. Talent Resumes
    3. Job Descriptions
      Interview Kit - Talent Documents section.gif

  7. Click on the Submit button

Nomination Feedback

Once you're on the Job's Talent screen, you can search, nominate, and pipeline Talent.
  1. Click on the Nominate Icon mceclip4.png


  2. Select a Feedback Form on the Nominate window.


  3. Click on the Nominate button


    1. The Talent will now be displayed in the Nominated section
  4. Go to the Stage column for the Talent you want to proceed with
    1. You can select different options for continuing or stopping the nomination process.


  5. Click the Active option
    1. Active: Continue with the process
    2. Declined: Stop the nomination process


  6. Select the appropriate option from the secondary menu; then a new window will appear.
  7. Update the Interview meeting with the desired date and time.
  8. Click the toggle to Included for the Interview Kit field.
    1. The Interviewers section won't show unless the Interview Kit is enabled
      Note: The date listed in the Interviewer's section, is specific to that Interviewer(s).  
      Example: It's a 2 part meeting and the first part is the Manager and the second is the Director.
    2. Automatic reminders are sent to interviewers if the Feedback Form has not been completed.


  9. Enter the following information into the Interviewers section.
    Note: You can add multiple interviewers and forms.
    1. Interviewers: Displays a list of Contacts for the Company
    2. Date: Date of Interview/Meeting
    3. Start: Start Time of Interview/Meeting
    4. End: End Time of Interview/Meeting
    5. Location: Select the Location of the Interview/Meeting
    6. Feedback Form: Select a Form to use
    7. Invite: Send an Interview/Meeting invite to the Manager(s)
    8. Talent Documents: Select any Talent Documents and/or Resumes 
    9. Include Social Network Profiles: Includes any Social Network links from the Talent

      Note: The date listed in the Interviewer's section is specific to the Interviewer(s) listed.
    10. Click on the Submit button




Sending Invites

If you selected the Invite checkbox, the Interviewers will receive an email from

Example Invite email

The attachments (.ics files) are to add the invites to their Calendar.

Resend Feedback Form

Note: If you resend a form that was already completed, it will remove the responses and create a new one.
  1. Click on the Envelope icon


  2. Click on the Re-send button

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