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Updated 03/09/2022


Job wrapping is a service provided by LinkedIn that automatically posts jobs from Avionté into your Linkedin Job Slots. This ensures your jobs reach the best candidates on the LinkedIn Jobs Network without requiring manual job postings through LinkedIn Recruiter.

Note: Please reach out to your Account Manager to have this enabled or for additional assistance.


LinkedIn Job Wrapping scans your company’s career site and automatically posts your jobs directly to the LinkedIn Jobs Network. Job Wrapping is included with your Job Slots. It regularly scans your career website or ATS’s XML feed for jobs and posts them to LinkedIn. Job Wrapping provides seamless synchronization between your career site or ATS and your LinkedIn Job Slots. Any updates, including job descriptions, renewals, and deletions, are automatically reflected on LinkedIn. (source: Linkedin)



Setting up Job Wrapping is quick and easy! Once enabled, go to your Partner Integrations page and click on the Linkedin Job Wrapping option found on the Job Board Integrations. 

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Avionté Marketplace


  3. In the Search field, type: LINKEDIN

  4. Click on the Settings button for the LinkedIn Job Wrapping Tile
    1. You may see another Tile for LinkedIn, be sure to select the Job Wrapping Tile.


  5. The link displayed is the link you will provide to your LinkedIn Support Manager
  6. Once you've copied the link, click Ok


  7. If you see this message, instead of the one above, then please reach out to your Account Manager.
  8. Click Ok
    Click here for information on Posting a Job



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