Extend Jobs / Contracts

Users can also create and provide reasons as to why a contract is being extended. First, users will have to create the list of possible reasons in the table editor. Then, in the Hired Details section, when a user changes the end date to any date later than the original date, a drop-down will appear for the user to provide a reason. All changes will then be tracked in the hire details log as well as the candidate’s profile. To get started you’ll go to Utilities –> Table Editor –>Hired Contract Extension Reasons to set up the Contract Reasons.

Note: The ability to edit filled (aka: active) contracts is only available for “Finance Admin” users. If you are not a Finance Admin, you will not see the EDIT buttons within the contract. In this case, you’ll need to contact your Finance Admin to make the change.

Key Takeaways

  • Users can create and manage reasons for extending contracts by setting up a list of possible reasons in the table editor and selecting from a dropdown menu when extending a job or contract in the Hired Details section.

  • The changes made, including the reason for contract extension, are tracked in the hire details log and the candidate's profile for easy reference.

  • Editing filled contracts is restricted to "Finance Admin" users, and other users need to contact their Finance Admin for such changes.



Extending a Job / Contract

  1. Go to the Talent's record
  2. Click on the Placement sub tab
  3. Click on the Edit icon in the Hired Details widget

    Talent - Placement - Extend Hired Details flyout.gif

  4. Enter in a future date in the End Date field
    1. A radio button will appear: Extend Contract
  5. Select Yes from the drop down menu
    1. A new field will appear: Reason for Contract Extension
  6. Select a reason from the drop down menu
  7. Click on the Save button

Talent - Placement - Extend Reason.gif



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