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Avionté's Talent Page streamlines applicant management by categorizing candidates into sections like Setup and Options, Current Nominees, Pipeline/Under Consideration, and more. The system's star icon helps track resume views, while features like ranking adjustment, submittal management, and search options enhance candidate evaluation and sourcing. Recent updates, like the Flag Column, improve efficiency by providing quick insights into candidate attributes and facilitating smarter recruitment decisions.

Key Takeaways

  1. Avionté's Talent Page organizes candidates into distinct sections, such as Current Nominees and Pipeline/Under Consideration, simplifying applicant management.
  2. The star icon indicates whether the job owner has viewed an applicant's resume, streamlining resume tracking.
  3. Features like ranking adjustment, search options, and the Flag Column enhance candidate evaluation and help recruiters make informed recruitment decisions efficiently.


Setup and Options
Current Nominees
Pipeline/Under Consideration
Web Applicants/Talent
Auto Applicant/Talent Finder (Auto Matcher)
Applicant/Talent Search



Setup and Options


Review Resume / Star icon

Navigate to the Job Talent Screen by going to a Job and clicking on the View Talent Screen button.


View Talent Screen.png


View Talent Screen.gif


If the applicant/talent has a star icon in front of their name, it indicates that the job owner (at the top of the page) has not viewed that particular applicant's/talent's resume from this page.


Once the owner opens the candidate's resume preview (lower right corner), the star will disappear.



Notice how the star icon is gone from Sean Smiles




Resume Preview





The ranking doesn't get initially set and will show a Question Mark symbol

  • Rank order can ONLY be adjusted by users who have put a candidate in the bucket.
  • Until they put a candidate into the Job's Submitted/Pipelined buckets, the clicking and dragging will not stick candidates in a new order or adjust Rank order. 



You are able to click, and drag, the Employee/Applicants to the correct rank/order.

  • In the example below, the user is clicking, and dragging, the "Sean Smiles" record to the top

Once you have the Employee/Applicant in the desired rank/order, release the mouse button



Notice the ranking now being displayed

  • You can continue to re-arrange to get the desired rank




Current Nominees

This is where your submittals live. It shows Candidates who have been qualified and or submitted to the Hiring Manager. You will want to update the candidate's stage as they are further qualified or declined. 



When a placement has been made, select the green checkmark to start the candidate in Avionté.

Assign nominated talent on job.gif


If the applicant/talent has a star next to their name, it indicates that the job owner has not viewed that particular applicant's/talent's resume from this page. Once the owner opens the candidate's resume preview, the star will disappear.



Pipeline/Under Consideration

This section acts as a “holding tank” for candidates who may be potential nominees for the position. Essentially, If a candidate lives here, you are either in the process of interviewing or reviewing them with your team.





Web Applicants/Talent

For all individuals that apply for a position on the web, be it through job boards or your organization’s careers page, the applicant will be added directly to the “Web Applicant/Talent” section for that requisition.





Auto Applicant/Talent Finder (Auto Matcher)

The Auto Applicant/Talent Finder (Auto Matcher) compares the Primary Position Category and corresponding Skill tags on the job to existing candidates in the database's Position Category and Skill tags.



(Here is an example of the Position Categories and Skill Set the Auto Matcher uses)

The Auto Matcher also considers the geographical location of the applicant in comparison to the job.  The location logic ties into the star rating: When Talent from outside of the 50-mile radius appears in the Auto Matcher, they should display with a lower star value in the Auto Matcher section.

So while recruiters are sourcing for new talent, Avionté can handle the internal sourcing and will quantify match success by rank. 



Applicant/Talent Search

In the event you need to quickly add someone to the talent page, head down the search section, locate them, and either pipeline/consider or nominate/submit them to the job. You can search by:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Location
  • Phone Number
  • Certifications
  • Industry Experience
  • Resume Keyword Search
  • Position Title and Skill Search


Within the Applicant/Talent Search bucket of each Talent Screen, you can search specifically through the resumes within all of the other buckets in that screen. You can even select one or more buckets for your search. Do a quick search through all of your Current Nominees/Submittals, Pipeline/Under Consideration, Web Applicants/Talent, Auto Applicant/Talent Finder, and Resume Matcher buckets by entering search criteria into the simple Boolean logic search box and it will bring back the strongest candidates based on the string that you entered within each of the areas. Resume Matcher looks at keyword frequencies in the resume and doesn't require tags to be on record.


Avionté has recently made an update to the Talent/Candidates Page which allows you to add a Flag Column to each bucket. Depending on how you are using the flags internally, you would now be able to quickly tell which applicants have which flags without having to click into the Resume flyout or profile.


Usage scenario: We recommend you leverage red flags for any candidates that you no longer want to consider for your jobs, (maybe they aren’t in the right industry or have performed poorly in the past). With the flag’s column, you can now quickly identify this red flag without having to view the resume flyout. If you have multiple candidates who have applied that have red flags, you can select all of them to decline all of them quickly. This update will ultimately reduce clicks and allow users to spend time recruiting the correct candidates!





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