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This document explains how to assign talents to available job positions efficiently. It provides several methods for initiating the talent assignment process, including using the Job Talent Screen, Talent's profile, and mass starting multiple talents. It also emphasizes the importance of ensuring that talents meet the job requirements before initiating the assignment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Assignment Methods: The document outlines different methods for assigning talents to jobs, such as using the Job Talent Screen, Talent's profile, and mass starting talents, providing flexibility in the talent allocation process.

  • Nomination Stages: To streamline the talent assignment process, users can use Nomination Stages for pipeline management, allowing for organized tracking of talents' progress through stages like "Active" and "Declined."

  • Filled Job Requirements: It's crucial to ensure that talents meet the job requirements, as candidates who do not meet these criteria will not be initiated for assignment, maintaining quality control in talent placement.



From the Job Talent Screen (Nominate)
    Start Talent
    Using Nomination Stages before assigning
From Talent's profile
Mass start multiple Talent

Note on Filled Job Requirements



From the Job Talent Screen (Nominate)

Start Talent

While on the Talent Screen for the Job, you can quickly start a Talent.  The Talent doesn't have to go through the Pipeline process and can be quickly assigned.

  1. Click on the green Checkmark mceclip1.png icon


  2. A flyout window will appear with lots of fields; though most will be pre-populated.
    1. Click on the links below for more information:
      1. Job Mark-ups
      2. Custom Rates (Overtime)
      3. Email Merge fields
      4. Timesheet Approvers
      5. Additional Transactions
      6. Commission Allocation
      7. Start Sheet


  3. Click on the Start Talent button
  4. The Talent will now show Started in the Stage column.




Using Nomination Stages before assigning

The Talent will need to be in the Nominated section to use the Nomination Stages.  

  1. In the Stage column, there will be a drop down menu.


  2. There are 2 main options listed (Active and Declined).  If you scheduled an Interview, a 3rd option will show that gives you the ability to reschedule the interview.
    1. Active: Choose an option to proceed with the Nomination process.
    2. Declined: Choose an option to stop (cancel) the Nomination process.

  3. Below are some examples of the Active and Declined options.
  4. Once you select an option, a flyout window will appear

    mceclip4.png mceclip5.png
  5. Enter information into the fields:
    1. Stage: This is the option selected in the previous step.
    2. Calendar Sync: This will provide a template to add to your Calendar
    3. Start Date: Enter the Date of the event
    4. Start Time: Enter the Start Time
      1. Times are mostly used for Interviews
    5. End Date: Enter the End Date
    6. End Time: Enter the End Time
    7. Timezone: Select the Timezone
    8. Color: Select a color to customize the look
    9. Interview Kit (Toggle): Select to include or exclude the Interview Kit 
      1. Information on the Interview Kit
    10. Note: Add any notes as needed 
      1. Email Merge fields
    11. Notify: Select a group to notify
  6. Click on the Submit button



From Talent's profile

To begin, search for a Talent you would like to assign a job to. Bring up that Talent's main page.

  • In the Quick Actions menu on the right-hand side of the page, click Start Talent. The Select A Job fly-out will open. Jobs are listed in the fly-out with details, including the Start Date.


  • Select the job to which you want to assign the talent by clicking the radio button. If there are required details missing from the Talent or the Job, the system will tell you, and you will need to address these first. These can include missing geocodes, emails, or phone numbers.

  • When ready, the Assign on Job fly-out will appear. Here it is shown with the Talent Source indicated, one of the settings you can make for a job.

  • Here you can adjust the details for the job to your liking. If you click View Job Details, they will be displayed in a new tab.

  • The nomination source can be selected in the flyout (indicated in the screenshot).

  • When ready, click Assign Talent. The Start on Job will display a message: "1 applicant(s) started on the job!" and the Start sheet template will be shown. This can be modified if you wish. You can refer again to the job details if needed by clicking Go to [job name] Job. When ready, click Send.

  • Afterward, the Talent will have been started on the job and the email(s) you specified will receive a start sheet.
Note: Integrated customers are not allowed to edit the Sales Rep for a placement; they will only be able to edit the sales rep at the job level. Therefore, for integrated customers, the Sales Rep dropdown will be read-only.



Mass start multiple Talent

You can also start a Talent on a job from the Applicant/Talent Search itself. This allows you to mass start (multiple) applicants.

Note: That talent needs to have a user created beforehand, to be included in a mass start.


When starting talent via Mass Start, the nomination source will default to the one on the individual talent's profile.

The system will prompt you to fill in the Hired Details.



Note on Filled Job Requirements

A Talent needs to abide by the Filled Job Requirements set up in the Table Editor. For any applicants who do not meet those needs, you will receive a notification letting you know what requirement is missing. Candidates who meet the criteria will be started on the role.




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