Requiring Important Documents when Placing Talent on Jobs

When hiring Talent, it is important to ensure they have a complete I-9 and/or Federal W4 document all as a seamless part of your hiring process.  This article will detail how to set up and use AviontéBOLD to make sure these documents are a required part of your process when placing your Talent.

Key Takeaways

  • Ensure seamless I-9 and Federal W4 document completion for Talent placements by setting up system-level or company-level requirements within AviontéBOLD.
  • Utilize the Table Editor to establish new filled job requirements, such as "I-9 (Contract only)" and "Federal W4 (Contract only)," either at the system or company level.
  • Streamline the process of collecting additional important documents by managing user-defined document types and incorporating them into your placement workflow.


Managing Important Documents: I-9 & Federal W4
Managing Important Documents: Additional Documents
Managing Important Documents: Adding Employer
User-Defined Document Types



Managing Important Documents: I-9 & Federal W4


Step 1

Determine if you want to require your I-9 and/or Federal W4 at the system level or if this is a Company level requirement.


Within the Table Editor > New Filled Job Requirements “I-9 (Contract only)” and “Federal W4 (Contract only)” can be selected to setup these two items to be required at the time of placement for your Talent.


When using the Company > Requirements area and setting up “Custom Filled Job Requirement Group” for a specific company both the “I-9 (Contract only)” and “Federal W4 (Contract only)” can also be setup here and used when creating new jobs.  This setup ensures these items are required at the time of placement for any jobs utilizing these custom filled job requirements. 



Step 2

Complete the collection of the I-9 and Federal W4

This can be done either by utilizing Adobe Sign as a part of Onboarding or by manually capturing these documents and uploading them to the Talent profile. 

When Adobe Sign is used please ensure your I-9 template and Federal W4 templates are configured in the Utilities > Talent Onboarding Tasks > E-Signature Templates area with the template type of I-9 or Federal W4. 


When manually uploading these documents ensure the Document Type of “Federal W4” or “I-9” is used. 


This setup on your Adobe Sign templates and selection when manually uploading documents is what your I-9 and Federal W4 requirements at the time of placement will look for.


Step 3

Log your placement


At the time of entering a start for a talent on a contract role, if you have the I-9 and/or Federal W4 set up either as a system-level requirement or a custom filled job requirement on the company level the system will check for either a completed Adobe Sign template with the type of “I-9” or “Federal W4” OR a manually uploaded Document with the type of “I-9” or “Federal W4”.

Note: If you currently use the Maximus integration for the collection of I-9's your Maximus I-9 will be included in this process.



Managing Important Documents: Additional Documents

Does your organization have additional documents that are important to ensure Talent has completed at the time of placement?  If yes, follow the below instructions to make sure these additional document types are included as a part of your process.

  1. Access your Table Editor > Talent Document Types and add the important document types you would like to manage or make required at the time of placement.
  2. Once this setup is complete these types can be used when:
    1. Uploading manual documents to a Talent profile
    2. Setting up your Adobe Sign templates with these specific types (Utilities > Talent Onboarding Tasks > E-Signature Templates > Template Type) --> This part is still in development
  3. Follow Steps 1 - 3 defined in the Managing Important Documents: I-9 & Federal W4 (section)



Managing Important Documents: Adding Employer

Do you currently have multiple employers and need to add this to your workflow, ensuring Talent have a not only a completed I-9 and/or Federal W4, but a completed version for the Employer they are being placed within?  If this is something you require, please contact your Avionté Account Manager and request the System Feature “Enable Employer Specific Document”.  This will ensure that Employer is added onto the above described workflow.  Also, at the time of placing a Talent the “I-9 (Contract only)” and "Federal W4 (Contract only)” requirements will ensure that a completed I-9 or Federal W4 for the Employer associated to the placement.


When sending Onboarding tasks your users will be required to select an employer these tasks are for.  This is also important when employer specific mapping fields are used on the Adobe Sign templates. 




The employer can also be selected when uploading Talent documents manually.




User-Defined Document Types

The user-defined Document Types (from Table Editor > Talent Document Types) are available in the Adobe E-document task template.
These will carry over to the Adobe Documents section when completed.

Screenshot: Talent Document Types Available On Adobe E-Signature Templates




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