Set up New Filled Job Requirements (Table Editor)

This allows you to turn on a number of fields or stages that need to be completed prior to starting a candidate on a job. Examples of these fields are ensuring job details have been filled out, certain job stages have taken place or that billing information is filled out. If any of the selected fields within the table are not completed then the user will be alerted that further action is needed before they’re able to proceed with making the placement.

Customize which fields are required to start an applicant on a role.


Add or remove required fields for new Jobs

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Table Editor

    Account Settings - Table Editor.gif

  3. Click on New Filled Job Requirements tile
  4. Click on the checkbox for all the desired required fields
    1. Uncheck a checkbox to no longer make a field required
  5. Click on the Save button

New Filled Job Requirements - Add New - Save.gif


Example of location of required fields

When starting an applicant on a new Job, an error message will display if any missing fields.

Job - Start Applicant - Required Filled Job fields.gif



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