Unclaimed Talent

The Unclaimed Talent sub-tab is a tool for recruiters to manage talent who haven't been assigned to any recruiter yet. It offers easy navigation and the ability to filter unclaimed talent records based on various criteria. Recruiters can use this feature to assign unclaimed talent to themselves or delegate it to another recruiter, streamlining the talent management process. Any talent that applies to jobs in the system goes to the unclaimed queue when they don't have a recruiter assigned.

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The user permission Assign Talent Admin is required to use this feature. This is part of the PIXEL Access permission group. An administrator is required to set this permission. This article User Administration (PIXEL) contains more information on PIXEL user permissions and setup.


User Access - Assign Talent Admin.png


  • The recruiter needs to also have the user access Mobile Notifications Admin.

Mobile Notifications Admin.png


  • The recruiter also needs to set up an SMS number in AviontéBOLD, configured for the Unclaimed Talent Queue. This is done through Avionté SMS in the BOLD Marketplace.

Configure for Unclaimed Talent Queue - SMS.png


  • The Talent must have a phone number in their record. This is the way they will be reached out to, on behalf of the entire agency.


Key Takeaways

  1. Efficient Navigation: The Unclaimed Talent sub-tab offers a quick and straightforward way for recruiters to manage talent that is not yet assigned. This ease of navigation simplifies the talent management process.
  2. Effective Filtering: Recruiters can filter the list of unclaimed talent records to focus on specific criteria such as job, office, talent name, or location. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with a large number of unclaimed records.
  3. Flexible Assignment Options: Recruiters can assign unclaimed talent to themselves or other colleagues, making the allocation process flexible and allowing for efficient delegation within the talent management system.



  • Under the Talent tab, go to Unclaimed Talent.
    Unclaimed Talent.gif



If there are too many records on the screen at once, narrow them down by using the filter button Filter button.png.

  1. Clicking the button gives a list of variables the user can filter by: Bot, Job, Office, Talent Name, Talent Location.
    Unclaimed Talent Filter Options.png

  2. Clicking one of the options (for example, Bot) gives a dialog box where the user can set the filter conditions:
    Filter conditions.png
  3. Click Apply to set the filter. The screen will refresh and display only the filtered records.
    Unclaimed Talent with filter applied.gif

  • The applied filters are displayed underneath the filter button. To remove a filter, click the "X" on it.
  • Users can filter the Unclaimed Talent view by Office so they only see the candidates of interest to their location.

Unclaimed talent - Filter applied.png


The screen will refresh and display records without the filter.

Unclaimed talent - remove filter.gif



Use the Unclaimed Talent screen to assign talent to yourself or another recruiter.


Assign to Yourself

  1. Select a record from the list to assign.
  2. Click Assign to Me.
  3. A "Candidate Assigned" confirmation screen is shown; click OK.
  4. The record is removed from the list.

You will now appear as the Representative in the talent's Operational Information widget. This is found on the individual Talent screen.
Operational Information.png


(To see a list of talent for whom you are the representative, do a Talent Search matching that criteria.)

Talent search with myself as the representative.png


Assign to Recruiter

Assign a talent/job record to another recruiter.

  1. Select a record from the list to assign.
  2. Click Assign to Recruiter.
  3. A list of recruiters appears to choose from. Select a recruiter and click Assign.
  4. A "Candidate Assigned" confirmation screen is shown; click OK.
  5. The record is removed from the list.


General Applies in Unclaimed Talent

For users with the Interview Bot Admin user claim, use the Unclaimed Talent screen to see which candidates have responded to interview bots associated with General Apply job boards.

Unclaimed Talent screen with General Apply highlighted.png

(click the image to open a larger view in a new tab)


Click on the Candidate's name to review their scores.

Review a Candidate's General Apply Scores.gif


To assign a Candidate to the current user, select it and click Assign To Me. This will display the Talent's interview results on the user's PIXEL Interviews screen. This will also appoint the user as the representative on the talent's profile. 

Assign a General Apply Candidate to oneself.gif


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