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This guide provides a concise overview of how to streamline the process of sending mass emails to contacts within the Avionté system. Readers will learn how to navigate to the Companies Search Tab, select contacts using checkboxes, and utilize the Mass Actions menu to send emails. The guide emphasizes the option to include candidate documents or resumes for marketing purposes and highlights that recipients' ability to unsubscribe from mass emails is supported. It offers additional links for more in-depth information on related topics.


Key Takeaways

  1. The guide instructs readers on how to efficiently send mass emails to contacts in the Avionté system, reducing the need to create individual emails.
  2. Readers will learn the process of selecting contacts using checkboxes, accessing the Mass Actions menu, and composing emails within Avionté's interface.
  3. The guide also informs readers about the option to include candidate documents in the email, highlights the potential for recipients to unsubscribe from mass emails, and provides links for further information on related topics.

Get Started

  1. Go to the Companies Search Tab
  2. Apply any search filters
  3. Click on the Contacts button

    Companies - Search Contacts.gif

  4. Use the check boxes to select the Contacts you’d like to send your message to.  
  5. Click on Mass Actions
  6. Select Send Email
  7. The resulting window is where you can compose your message.
    *the |Name| will be replaced with the name of the individual recipient*
    1. Avionté will also alert you if any of the recipients unsubscribed

      Companies - Select Contacts - Mass - Send Email.gif


In case the purpose of the email is to market Candidates to the selected Contacts, you can include those Candidate’s documents/resume. Just type the names of up to three Candidates into the text field and then click on the Find Documents button.  Avionté will retrieve all of the resumes that have been uploaded to those Candidate’s profiles.  You can then choose whichever one you’d like to attach.  If the resume documents you wish to attach are not in a Candidate’s profile, you can also use the Select button to search your computer's documents file as well.


Once you click the Send Email button, your message will be delivered to all of the Contacts you selected.

Note: That if turned on, email recipients can choose to unsubscribe from further mass emails.



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