Set up Contact Statuses

Avionté has added functionality that allows users to track a Contact Status.  The purpose of the Contact status is to give these users a personalized tool for tracking and viewing a Contact’s overall standing within their organization. 

Tracking a Contact status will often be used to give clear visibility into the progression of the relationship with a Contact from a prospect state to actively engaging with that Contact to the time where a Contact may leave a Company.  The goal of utilizing these statuses is to give users a quick easy place to see a Contact’s current standing with not only a Company but the staffing organization as a whole.




In addition, the ability to indicate that a status is considered active or inactive was created.  This can be configured in the Table Editor > Contact Statuses.   When a status is configured as an inactive type and this status is selected for a Contact, when creating a Job this Contact will no longer be able to be selected as a Hiring Manager.




Contact Status locations


Contact Profile


Contact Flyout


Contact Creation


Echo Contact Creation


Contact Search Term and Results

Setup of these status’s are completely personalized to the staffing organizations workflow and practices.  This setup is located in Table Editor > Contact Status.




Contact Audit Log

Audit logging is available for Contacts. This functions in a similar way to the audit logs for Talent.


Screenshot: Contact Audit Logging


To access - click the "i" button on the contact form





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