Company Organization Chart: Viewing and Exporting

Easily manage your internal hiring managers by keeping track of who reports to who. By building out your organization chart, you can keep track of each division and levels of superiority.

Note: The Organization Chart will only display if there is a CEO/Company Head listed.

Key Takeaways

  • Efficiently manage your internal hiring managers and organizational structure by creating and setting up an easily navigable Organization Chart.
  • Utilize the expand and hide features to visualize and control the display of positions within the Organization Chart, providing a clear hierarchy and reporting structure.
  • Enhance accessibility and documentation by exporting the Organizational Chart as a PDF directly from the Company record, facilitating seamless sharing and reference.

Expand/Hide Organization Chart

If you see the People Group icon, this means there are positions below them.



  1. Hover on the Contact to expand the positions for.
  2. Click the arrow to expand positions
    1. Notice this record doesn't have the People Group icon and therefore there is no down arrow to expand.



  1. Hover on the Contact that will hide all the positions below.
  2. Click on the arrow to hide all positions below it

  3. This is how it will look


Export as PDF

While still on the Company record and Organization sub tab, you can export the Organizational Chart as a PDF.  

  1. Click on the Export button
  2. Click on the downloaded file
    1. The file name defaults to: MyOrgChart.pdf





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