Job Search

Avionté's Job Search provides:

  • Configurable search capabilities
  • Many filter options
  • Job Badges to alert you when there is a new applicant/talent either in the Web Apply, Pipeline/Under Consideration, or Current Nominees/Submittals section

Key Takeaways

  • Avionté's Job Search feature offers configurable search capabilities, numerous filter options, and job badges to alert users about new applicants and talent, enhancing efficiency in tracking and managing job-related activities.
  • The Star icon indicates that the Job Owner hasn't reviewed certain Nominated, Pipelined, or Web Applicant candidates, providing a visual cue to address pending candidate assessments and promoting a streamlined review process.
  • The Heartbeat Job Monitor with customizable threshold counts allows users, especially those with "Utilities Manager" access, to assess the "health" of jobs, providing insights into key metrics like days open, nominees, pipeline, and web applicants, contributing to effective job management.


Star icons
Heartbeat Job Monitor (Thresholds)
Extract to Excel with Mass Action
Using Saved Searches



To begin your search, leverage the job terms drop down to the left or begin typing in the filters in the search bar.




Once you have your results, use the plus (+) icon to view associated candidates.




You can customize your viewing columns by adding or removing the items listed in the dropdown menu on the right of the screen (or by adjusting the order):




We've color-coded the number of applicants in each section to help you identify which jobs require attention. If you have admin rights, you can configure these colors from the activity threshold.

Once you have configured your search, save it by clicking the bookmark icon: Bookmark_Icon.png.

You can save custom views based on the information you'd like to see. If you forget to save your search, you can use the recent search feature: Recent_Searches.png.


Star icons

If the Star icon is present, the Job Owner has not reviewed one or more Nominated, Pipelined, or Web Applicant candidates.



To make the Star icon disappear, the Job Owner can review candidates in one of two ways from the Job’s Talent Screen.  

If you see a 0 with a star next to it in your search results, this indicates that there were once active candidates in that category who were either Placed or Declined without review by the Job Owner.


Reviewing Individually:

  1. Click on the Job candidate’s icon from a search and go to the Talent Screen page

  2. In the Nominated, Pipelined, or Web Applicant section, you will see a Resume column

  3. Click on the Resume icon

  4. A flyout will show details about the Talent, regardless of whether they have an actual resume on file

  5. Click the X button to close the flyout, or the Arrow icons to go to the next Talent record.

Reviewing en masse:

  1. Click on the Job candidate’s icon from a search and go to the Talent Screen page.

  2. In the Nominated, Pipelined, or Web Applicant section, select candidates en masse via the checkboxes on the left.

  3. Select Mark as Viewed from the mass action selection. Only Job Owners will see this option.

  4. Job candidates will be marked as reviewed by Job Owner, and search results will update accordingly.


Heartbeat Job Monitor (Thresholds)

The Heartbeat Job Monitor allows you to assign threshold counts to indicate the “health” of your jobs. With “Utilities Manager” access, a user can set these threshold counts so job owners can easily view what jobs need to be focused on.

Users with “Utilities manager” access can assign threshold counts for Nominated/Submitted, Pipeline/Under Consideration, and Web Applicants/Talent.  You also have the ability to assign the threshold count for the number of days open. Non-admin users can view the threshold counts that have been set so they can understand the limits of each color.


  1. Click on the Jobs Tab
  2. Click on the Job Terms button to filter the results
  3. Click on the Magnify Glass icon


  4. The Days Open and Days Inactive columns have the number of days in different colors, and can be customized.


  5. The Nominate, Pipeline, and Web Applicants can also be customized.


  6. Click on the Gear icon.



Time Thresholds

  1. Enter in new values for the Days Open and/or Days Inactive.
    1. The Red values can't be edited and are automatically updated when the Yellow values are changed.


    2. Example updating the Yellow (Days Open) from 19 to 45.
    3. Notice that the Red now displays 46; this was automatically updated.


  2. Click on the Save Thresholds button



Activity Thresholds

  1. Enter in new values for the Nominees, Pipeline, and/or Web Apply.
    1. The Green values can't be edited and are automatically updated when the Yellow values are changed.


    2. Example updating the Yellow (Nominees) from 19 to 45.
    3. Notice that the Green now displays 46; this was automatically updated.

  2. Click on the Save Thresholds button



Extract to Excel with Mass Action

You can extract your jobs to an Excel file (.csv). By clicking “Mass Actions” in the bottom right corner, you can choose to “Extract to Excel” or “Extract all to Excel.” Extract to Excel will scrape all job information on the current page and create a .CSV file from it. Extract ALL to Excel will include jobs from all pages, but will not include nominated/submitted candidate names, nominated/submitted date, Bill/Pay, Stage, and Stage Date.





Using Saved Searches

You can use the job board manager to save your searches and bypass running common searches again. Locating groups of jobs with shared features will save you time and streamline the management process.  There are a few quintessential searches that most recruiters will find useful. The first is your open jobs.


Examples of Job Search options

Begin by using the Owner filter and select (or search for) your name. Leverage the Owner filter to find the jobs you are in charge of managing.





Use the Company filter to search for your clients.




Use the Type filter to search for contract or permanent roles.




To get more specific, use the Status filter to find all of your open jobs.




Use the Location filter to find positions by city or by state, then save your search for recruiters who are managing the closing or offer process.




Max Positions and Open Positions are two helpful options that can be selected from the column picker on the right-hand side of the screen.

  • "Max Positions" is a single value representing the total number of available placements for a job
  • "Open Positions" displays the number of open positions along with the total number of available placements on a job



If you have "Max Positions" and "Open Positions" checked and visible, you can sort by both columns, ascending and descending. The amounts displayed will match the corresponding details from the "Operations and Financials" section on the job.




Organize and rearrange your columns as you wish, then save your search and name it. When you want to return to this view, you can select it from the bookmark icon.

Save your search.



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