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Converting a candidate from contract to perm is easy in the Avionte BOLD platform.  First, you will need to edit the Job Type in the Operations & Financials widget on the Hired Details page.  The Job Type needs to be Temp to Hire or Temp to Perm in order for the system to recognize it as a permanent placement.  Click SAVE to save your changes.

Note: Once this process is completed you cannot revert back to a contract position.
  1. Locate the Job
    1. Ensure the Job Type = Temp to Hire or Temp to Perm
  2. Go to the Hired Details widget
  3. Locate the Talent to convert
  4. Click the Edit icon

    Job - Hired Details - Talent Edit.gif

  5. Click on the Convert to Permanent button
    1. The new start date will auto-populate to the last day of the contract.
    2. You can change this if needed, as well as salary, discounts, placement fee, percentage or flat fees. You can also add notes, notify users or adjust commission allocations.

      Job Talent - Convert to Perm - Save.gif


The new hired details will reflect the changes you've just made.



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