Talent Onboarding Tasks, Statuses, and use

In this guide, readers will learn about the comprehensive process of managing and completing onboarding tasks within AviontéBOLD.  The guide provides insights into the types of onboarding tasks, integration setup, how to send tasks individually or in mass, task statuses, managing tasks through different views and widgets, as well as syncing Adobe tasks for updates. It also highlights other functionalities like creating task packets, mass task assignments, and more, ensuring a thorough understanding of optimizing the onboarding process within the platform.


Recruiters are able to send Onboarding Tasks within AviontéBOLD to start, manage, and complete an applicant's onboarding process.


Onboarding Task Types

Instead of requiring users to send tasks one by one, recruiters have the ability to create and send sets of Onboarding Tasks that they can send all at once

Recruiters can send Personal Info, Direct Deposit, and Resume talent tasks all at once, vs. three separate Talent Tasks

Standard Onboarding Tasks Integration Talent Tasks (enabled by Avionté representative)
  • Personal Info
  • Direct Deposit
  • Competencies/Skills
  • Education
  • Professional Experience/Work History
  • Resume
  • Interview Questions
  • EEO
  • E-Signature documents
    • Most commonly sent via Adobe Sign
  • ADP WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit)
    • Provides information for a talent’s WOTC status on a talent’s Tax Tab
  • Essential Staff Care (ESC)
    • Allows Talent to opt into Health Insurance offerings


Onboarding Task Statuses

Recruiters can view and monitor the status of tasks from the Recruiter QuickView or Onboarding Tasks widget.



Indicates that the task has been completed.



Indicates the task has been sent to the Talent but has not been completed.


Action Required

Indicates that the Talent has completed the task, but a Recruiter’s signature or verification is required prior to this task going to a completed status.



Indicates that the Talent has completed the task but the Recruiter has rejected the talent task so the Talent must complete the talent task again.



Send Onboarding Tasks

  1. Click on the Talent Tab
  2. Search for the Talent to whom you wish to send the onboarding task


  3. Click the Onboarding tab.

  4. Click the Send Onboarding Tasks button.


  5. Click a menu down-arrow to expand

  6. Search for specific tasks or packets of tasks.
  7. Click the hiddentabicon.png icon to add a task or packet for sending.
    1. Multiple tasks, or packets of tasks, can be selected before being sent to the talent. 
    2. Click a Xicon.PNG icon next to a task name to remove it from consideration. 


  8. Click the Send button


Note: When attempting to complete/send Adobe documents, occasional errors would occur with no visibility to the end talent/HCM user. An enhancement made on 2/11/2021 attempts to provide an error response back to the user.


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