Merging Talent / Employees

We support merging talent records for integrated as well as non-integrated clients.

Merges that take place via AviontéBOLD Front Office will be reflected in Back Office (AviontéCLASSIC). A merge covers the following:

  • Messages
  • Assignments
  • Transactions
  • Paychecks
  • Taxes
  • Deductions
  • Accruals
  • Contributions
  • Payroll
  • Onboarding Documents
  • Tasks



Merge existing Records
Merge a new record with existing record
Activities message about records being Merged
Making Archived Profiles Visible




Note: Direct deposit is not yet covered. Once that has been developed for the front office, it will be developed for merging to the back office as well.

The record merging functionality supports merging records that have user profiles created. This means that we support merging these records, even for Contacts and Talent who have placements, timesheets, and accounts.

If one of the talent records has a placement, the user interface will force you to select it as the "good" record - the record you want to merge into. If you want to make a different talent record into the master, you need to add an assignment to it beforehand.

Note: You can only merge up to 10 profiles together at a time.

Access Required: If you do not see the merge option available, you’ll need to contact your Avionté Administrator. This feature is available when access is granted.


Merge existing Records

  1. From the Applicant/Talent Tracking page
    1. Search for the applicant/talent who has multiple profiles
  2. Click the boxes to the left of their names


  3. Scroll to the bottom, and select Mass Actions
  4. Select Merge Talent

  5. Select the Master Profile record
    1. The Merge button won't show until you select a record


      Click the Merge button


  6. You'll see a message stating the records have been merged
    1. Click the Finished button



Merge a new record with an existing record

  1. After entering the information for a new Talent/Employee


  2. You may see this message, when the system checks for duplicates:


    1. Choose the appropriate Option:
      1. Cancel: stops the new Talent/Employee from being created
      2. Merge: merges the current (new) record to the existing one listed
      3. Import: ignores the duplicate record and continues with creating a new Talent/Employee

  3. Select the record
  4. Click the Merge button
    1. The 'Merge' option won't show as an option until you select the record

  5. Select the options you want to merge (usually it's all of them)
  6. Click the Merge button


    1. You'll then be brought to the existing (Master) Profile
    2. The "bad" records - the ones you merged into the "good" master record - will no longer be visible in BOLD (front office).
    3. In CLASSIC (back office), those records will have a status of "deleted."

When HCM users merge talent records, the system will blank out archived profile SSN information. This way they can update the master record's details like DOB and Gender without getting an error as shown below:



Activities message about records being Merged

  1. Go to the Master Profile (Employee/Talent record)
  2. Click on the Activities Tab


  3. Notice the Merged Applicant message
  4. If you try to view the original (merged/non Master Profile):


Making Archived Profiles Visible

If you need to make merged records visible, there is a tool that can help.

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Utilities
  3. Click on the Record Archive tile

    Account Settings - Utilities - Record Archive.gif

  4. When you have found the record(s) you are looking for, click Restore to make them visible in the front office again.


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