End Jobs / Contracts

If you have a contractor and would like to complete their assignment, simply change the end date within their contract.

Once the end date of the assignment has lapsed, the contract will change from Filled to Completed and the badge within the contractor’s profile will automatically update.

Note: The ability to edit filled (aka: active) contracts is only available for “Finance Admin” users. If you are not a Finance Admin, you will not see the EDIT buttons within the contract. In this case, you’ll need to contact your Finance Admin to make the change.

Key Takeaways

  • Adjusting a contractor's end date within their contract automatically transitions the contract status from "Filled" to "Completed" once the specified end date passes.

  • Editing filled contracts is exclusive to users with "Finance Admin" privileges, while others will need to contact a Finance Admin for such changes.

  • Avionté enables users to provide reasons for terminating a contract early, set up in the Table Editor under "Hired Early Termination Reasons," although this information is not saved in the candidate's activity record.



Ending Jobs / Terminating Candidates

Users can create and provide reasons why a contract position ended earlier than expected. First, users will need to create the list of possible reasons in the Table Editor > Hired Early Termination Reasons.

Then when a user selects to edit an end date, Avionté will also ask you the reason this candidate's job has ended. 

Note: When terminating a candidate, this information is not saved in their activity record.


  1. Go to the Talent's record
  2. Click on the Placement sub tab
  3. Click on the Edit icon in the Hired Details widget

    Talent - Placement - Hired Details flyout.gif

  4. Enter a date in the End Date field
    1. A new field will appear: End Reason
  5. Select an End Reason from the drop down menu
  6. Click on the Save button

Talent - Placement - End Date Reason.gif




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