Clone a Job

Save time by cloning an existing Job instead of creating a new one from scratch.

Important: What is the difference between a new job and the original job?

  • Clone as the original job: the created date will be the same as the one you are cloning.
  • Clone as a new job: the created date will be the date you create the clone.

Key Takeaways

  • Time-Saving Job Cloning: The article emphasizes the efficiency of cloning existing jobs in Avionte BOLD instead of starting from scratch, offering options to clone as the original job or as a new job with customizable settings.

  • Clone Options Overview: Users are provided with a detailed list of clone options, such as copying submitted and pipelined applicants, job descriptions, custom fill requirements, and more, streamlining the cloning process with flexible choices.

  • Customizable Notifications: Avionte BOLD allows users to choose notification preferences during job cloning, offering options to notify all users, selected users, or none, providing control over communication in the cloning process.



  1. Go to the Job that you want to clone 
  2. Depending on whether the Job has been previously cloned or not:
    1. Click on the Create Clone button
      • (If this button is present as shown, it means no Jobs have been cloned.)

        Click Create Clone button.gif

    2. If the button appears with a '+' symbol:
      1. Click the '+' symbol.
        This means that Jobs have been cloned before (notice the # next to the + sign)


      2. To see a list of the cloned Jobs, click the # Clones button (right-hand side)


      3. A list of the cloned Jobs will appear
      4. Click on a cloned Job to view it


  3. Select the Clone Options you'd like to copy from the original Job.

    Clone This Job.png

    Clone Option Name Options Description
    Clone as New Job Yes or No The created date will be the date you create the clone.
    Enter Max Number of Positions Free text for number values Determine the # of Positions available
    Copy Submitted Yes or No Copies the Submitted Applicants (see #1 in example below)
    Copy Pipelined Yes or No Copies the Pipelined Applicants (see #2 in example below)
    Copy Web Applicants Yes or No Copies the Web Applicants (see #3 in example below)
    Copy Commission Allocation Yes or No Copies the Commission setup
    Copy Job Approvals Yes or No Copies the Job Approvals
    Copy Job Notes Yes or No Copies the Job Notes
    Copy Job Questions Yes or No Copies the Job Questions
    Copy Job Descriptions Yes or No Copies the Job Descriptions
    Copy Job Misc. Documents Yes or No Copies the Job Documents
    Copy Job Template Yes or No Copies the Job Template
    Copy Custom Fill Requirements Yes or No Copies the Custom Filled Job Requirements
    Copy Job Ending Requirements Yes or No Copies the Job Ending Requirements

  4. Notification options and examples:

    Notification Name Descriptions
    All Users Send a notification to all your Users
    No One Don't send notifications to anyone
    All Users in (current Job Branch) The 'Job Branch' listed is the one that is currently associated with the original Job
    Selected Users Type in names of Users to be notified.  Start typing in the name and select the appropriate User

    • Example for adding 'Selected Users'

    • Example of users added to the Selected Users list:

  5. There are two cloning options available:
    1. Clone and Edit: This option will clone the job, but also present an aside where details such as Job Description, Shift Schedule and Pay Rate can be changed prior to job creation.
      Click Clone and Edit.gif

    2. Clone and Create Job: This option will clone the job as is. A confirmation screen appears afterwards.
      Click Clone and Create Job.gif


Sources of Job Information

Here is an Example of where Submitted, Pipelined and Web Applicants information comes from:



Include Commission Defaults when Cloning a Job

When a user clones a job, they can choose to include Commission Defaults that have been set. This means users do not need to re-enter commissions manually.

First, set the commission allocation to the desired users, commission types, and percentages, on the job detail.




Next, click Create Clone. The system will display the Clone a Job dialog.


The dialog includes a toggle to "Copy Commission Allocation." Set the toggle to Yes to include the commission defaults in the cloned job.


Note: As the screenshot indicates, the commission default on cloned jobs is pulled from the Commission Allocation widget on the Job Details. To use the Job Template commission defaults, set Commission Allocation to No when cloning jobs. 


Select any additional desired options to be transferred to the cloned job, select a Notification option (required), scroll down, and click Clone. The system displays a Clone Completed dialog.



Click the Go to Cloned Job button. The system will display it. The Commission Allocation for the cloned job will be taken from the source job.

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