Maximus Integration: AviontéBOLD

Maximus provides I9 conversion and compliance audits, I9 processing, and E-verification services to staffing agencies.

Key Takeaways

  • Maximus Integration Setup: The article provides a detailed guide on setting up the Maximus integration in Avionte BOLD, covering both system-wide and individual user setups.

  • Talent Onboarding with Maximus I-9: It outlines the steps to send Maximus I-9 onboarding tasks to talent, guiding users through the process of task initiation and completion, including the completion of I-9 Section 2.

  • Requirements Group Configuration: The article explains how to add Maximus I-9 to a custom requirements group, ensuring that only employees who have completed the Maximus I-9 are placed on jobs, enhancing compliance and accuracy in talent placement.


Integration Setup (system)
Integration Setup (individual)
How to Use the Integration
Completing section 2 of the Maximus I-9
Adding Maximus I-9 to a Requirements Group



Integration Setup (system)

The Maximus integration must first be enabled. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open the Accounts & Settings menu (indicated by your avatar).

2. Click System Settings.


3. The System Settings window will load. Click System Features.


4. The System Features screen will load. Within the Integrations section, select Maximus.


5. Scroll up and click Save.

6. Logout (from the Account & Settings menu) and log back in to BOLD.



Integration Setup (individual)

In order to enable and configure the integration, users need to have the Marketplace Admin user permission enabled.




Users who open Maxmius from the Marketplace, without the Marketplace Admin permission, will see the following message.






Note: Our Partnerships Activation Team will complete the configuration.

The integration must be configured before proceeding.

  1. Click Account & Settings.

  2. Click Avionte Marketplace.


3. Find Maximus I-9.

4. Click Details.



Here is a guide to the definitions of the fields in this form:

  • Account – Provided by Maximus
  • User ID – Provided by Maximus
  • Password – Provided by Maximus
  • Advance Setting – Must be set to Production.
  • Unique credentials to be entered for individual employers – This is used when Maximus provides separate credentials per supplier. Once checked, an Employer drop-down menu appears and allows the integration to be configured by supplier.



Maximus hire dates must be configured for each branch using the integration.

Here are some important things to keep in mind: Please only enter the live date(s) for the branches using the integration once they are firm, because the dates cannot be modified after they’ve been entered.  These dates must be accurate for Maximus new hire reporting.  Leave the Live Date blank for branches not using the integration.

  1. Scroll down in the Maximus Integration Settings screen.
  2. Click Edit to enter the branch live date.
  3. Enter the live date.
  4. Click Save.



Next, the Maximus I-9 talent task must be turned on.

  1. Navigate to Account & Settings.
  2. Click Utilities.


3. Search for "talent".

4. Select Talent Onboarding Tasks.

5. Expand the Integration Tasks panel.


6. The MAXIMUS I-9 switch should be present. Switch it to On. After a moment of loading, the task will be turned on.



How to Use the Integration

Note: Each talent must have a home office selected in order to send a Maximus I-9 task.


Send Talent Task

  1. Open a talent record, and navigate to the Onboarding section.


  1. Click Send Onboarding Tasks.

  2. Expand the Integration Tasks section.

  3. Select Maximus I-9.

  4. Click Send.



Once the task is sent successfully, the task will be added to the Onboarding screen with a status of “Sent”.




The next step is for the Talent to complete section 1 of the Maximus I-9. The process for them is as follows:

  1. Login to talent profile.

  2. Click on the Maximus I-9 task or click the Start button.



3. A pop-up explaining that the talent is being redirected to a partner site will be displayed. Click Continue.




  1. Talent will be directed to the Maximus portal to complete section 1. The first page displays the employees' home office.  Click Next.


  2. Talent will then be directed to an instructions page that explains the steps to follow.
Note: The instructions and documents can be translated to Spanish if needed from here.


  1. Talent will then need to create a Maximus account. This would be used if they ever had to log directly into the Maximus site, which shouldn’t be often, if ever.
Note: Advise the talent to use the same username and password that they use for AviontéBOLD.


  1. Talent must then answer if they are using a translator or preparer and then click Next.


8. Talent is then directed to the Anti-Discrimination notice. Click Next.


9. Talent must then complete Section 1 of the I-9 and click the “Click Here to Create Your Electronic Signature” button.


  1. Maximus offers I-9 receipt printing for the talent. If configured to display, once Section 1 is completed and signed, the talent is prompted to print a receipt proving they completed an I-9.
Note: This is optional, so the talent can choose to either print the receipt or close the screen.




Completing section 2 of the Maximus I-9

Once section 1 is completed successfully, the task status updates to “Action Required.”


  1. Navigate to the talent onboarding section.

  2. Click the “Complete I-9 Section 2” link.

  3. You will then be directed to an instructions page that explains the steps to follow.
Note: The instructions and documents can be translated to Spanish if needed from here.


  1. You must then complete Section 2 of the I-9 and click the “Manager Signature” button.



If the home office of the talent is NOT configured to be E-Verified:

  1. You will receive a confirmation message after Section 2 of the I-9 is completed and signed. Click “Complete”.


2. The Maximus I-9 task status then is updated to “Complete”.


3. A button appears on the Maximus I-9 task that allows the user to log directly into the Maximus portal using their Maximus specific username and password.


If the home office of the talent is configured to be E-Verified

  1. Upon the completion and signature of Section 2, the user will be prompted to enter their name and contact information. Click “Save E-Verify Contact Info.”
Note: If the home office is not an E-verify branch, this screen will not be displayed.


  1. Maximus instantly submits a case request to E-Verify and E-Verify sends back an immediate response.
Note: The response varies depending upon the talent and the case.  Any next steps required for the E-Verify case will be displayed in the response with corresponding buttons to proceed.



  1. Once all I-9 and E-Verify steps are completed, Maximus displays a confirmation message.


4. The Maximus I-9 task status then is updated to “Complete”.


5. A button appears on the Maximus I-9 task that allows the user to log directly into the Maximus portal using their Maximus specific username and password.

How to Identify Talent Records Who have a Maximus I-9 task in an Action Required status, or Who Haven’t Completed the Maximus I-9

Use the Onboarding Tasks dashboard to check the Maximus I-9 task status.

  • Bring up the Talent being checked.
  • Click the Onboarding option in the menu above the resume area, which is the first screen to load.


  • The Onboarding Tasks dashboard loads. The onboarding tasks and their statuses are shown for the talent you have selected.


This screenshot is an example of a task in an "Action Required" status.



Adding Maximus I-9 to a Requirements Group

A Custom Requirements Group will ensure only employees who’ve completed the Maximus I-9 are being placed on jobs. The Custom Requirement Group is created at the Company level and then applied to Jobs.   

  • Find the company you wish to modify.
  • Go to Company > Requirements.
  • If a requirement group already exists, it will be shown.


  • Click the [edit] button to the right of the Last Updated date. The Custom Filled Job Requirements screen will appear.
  • In the Onboarding Panel, there is a drop-down menu for Additional Integrations. Click the drop-down.
  • Select Maximus I9.


  • Click the plus (+) button to the right of the selection to add it to the list of integrations.
  • Scroll down and click Save.

Requirements Groups – Custom Filled Job Requirements



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