Posting Jobs to Indeed

Job orders created in Avionté can be sent to Indeed to be posted without additional setup. Since jobs are sent to Indeed through a feed-based integration, you do not need to enter your Indeed credentials within Avionté.

Note: Indeed checks for new or updated jobs every 6 hours starting at midnight Central, but the exact time a job will be posted or updated is not guaranteed, as Avionte only pushes updates twice a day. A job posted or updated prior to midnight in the Central time zone should appear in Indeed by 6am Central.

Key Takeaways

  • Avionté users can seamlessly post job orders to Indeed without the need for additional setup or the input of Indeed credentials within the platform. The integration is feed-based, with the XML feed being scraped by Indeed several times.

    • NOTE: While Indeed will scrape the XML feed 4 times daily, Avionte only regenerates that feed twice daily, so you may only see one to two updates daily, depending on when jobs are posted.
  • Enabling "Indeed Apply" on the Indeed platform can significantly improve apply rates for jobs posted through Avionté. This feature optimizes job postings for mobile applicants, enhancing the application process.

  • It's crucial to ensure that the Indeed job board is selected during the job posting process and that the organization has a subscription to Indeed. Additionally, users should verify the accuracy of the Social Name, as it helps Indeed identify clients with subscriptions for job postings.


Ensure you're getting the based apply rates for your jobs posted to Indeed through Bold!

The Indeed platform has a feature called "Enable Indeed Apply" to optimize your job postings for mobile applicants. Avionte users have noticed much better apply rates coming from jobs posted to Indeed when this feature is turned on.

How do I enable Indeed Apply for jobs posted to Indeed from Bold?

Simply contact your Indeed representative or support to have them help you with Enabling Indeed Apply on the Indeed platform. Avionte is unable to enable this for you, this is a setting on the Indeed platform, and may not be enabled by default.


I see a similar option under the Job Posting Status and Options widget on my jobs in Bold, what does this toggle do?

The toggle for "Allow Web Applicants to Apply Through Indeed" does NOT impact how jobs posted to Indeed function. This toggle simply allows jobs posted to your Careers Page to allow applicants to apply using Indeed Quick Apply, meaning a faster/easier way for applicants to apply for jobs posted to Bold career pages without manually filling out the application. While this will probably ensure the best apply rates for talent that are applying from your Bold career page, it has no impact on the performance of jobs posted to Indeed.

The only way to ensure the highest application rates coming from Indeed is to work with Indeed to Enable Indeed Apply on their website.



For jobs to be posted to Indeed, three requirements must be met:

  1. The Indeed job board is selected from the job posting step.
  2. Your organization has a subscription to Indeed. Without a subscription, jobs will not be posted.
  3. The Indeed Marketplace Connection must be configured - Indeed Marketplace Job Posting Configuration

During the job posting process, select the External Job Boards checkbox.  This reveals a combination of feed-based job boards, as well as subscription-based job boards, depending on your organization’s subscription package.  To include the job posting to the Indeed feed, select the checkbox next to Indeed.


Posting jobs to Indeed is feed based, meaning once the checkbox is selected, that posting will be published.  This allows Indeed to get the data.

Note: The XML file is picked up (scraped) by Indeed four times a day. Please keep in mind, however, that Avionte only regenerates that feed twice daily, so you may only see one to two updates daily, depending on when jobs are posted.

Once Indeed receives the XML file, they will identify clients with a subscription from the Social Name. The Social Name can be configured from the Careers Page Editor.


If you notice jobs are not being posted to Indeed, contact your Indeed representative so they can confirm the Social Name is correct.


Apply Page (Talent experience)

When a candidate goes to apply for one of your positions, they will now see the Apply with Indeed Button:



Once that option is selected, they will enter their Indeed profile information, and will then be submitted to the position. As noted earlier, please keep in mind this option allows candidates to bypass mandatory forms and web tests. 



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