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When posting jobs using Avionte, every job that you post will be added to your Career Page, whether you use the iFrame or a customized career page that utilizes the JSON feed. For these job posts, Avionte gives the option to have the jobs be sent to additional boards. Below you will find an overview of these sites and how those jobs are shared with them. 

Note: We can't control when the 3rd party scrapes our feeds. we can only control when we publish them


Free Job Boards

Free Job Boards



We do not send jobs to ZipRecruiter, we publish a Feed (via an XML) that they pick up.  The Job Board will be scraped at 10:00 PM Central time, daily.  

This integration allows clients to post for free OR utilize paid job slots (this would be set up through discussions with ZipRecruiter). If your company does have paid slots, you would want to speak with your ZipRecruiter representative in order to specify the posted jobs that should be utilizing these slots.

               Example: If you have 100 paid slots but 105 jobs posted in Avionte, you can specify the logic you want to be used for the slots. This could be the most recent 100 posts, posts that have a certain tag, etc.



These jobs are shared via an XML feed that Google scrapes every two hours. Additionally, Google scrapes jobs from other boards, meaning you might see your roles on Google that you have posted to Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.

Since Google does aggregate the jobs from multiple boards, it is possible that when “Apply” is clicked on Google, it will take you to one of the other job boards instead of your Career Page. This is because Google does not want duplicate postings on their job board. Avionte has no control of which job board Google is going to be scraping.



These jobs are shared via an XML feed that is scraped at 11:20 PM Central time daily. This job board is free to post to from within Avionte.


LinkedIn Job Wrapping

If Job Wrapping is something that you have in your LinkedIn contract, Avionte will allow you to post jobs using the tool at no additional cost. You will be able to set this up by going to the Marketplace, finding the LinkedIn Job Wrapping widget, and providing the URL to your LinkedIn representative.

Once this has been done, you will be able to work out the logic with your representative on which jobs should be posted out of the ones that appear in the XML. This logic will allow you to tag your jobs in order to ensure it is done correctly.



Juju is a job search engine, not a job board. This allows you to search and obtain results link to millions of jobs. 

These jobs are shared via an XML feed that is scraped at 11:36 PM Central time daily.



Paid Job Board Integrations

Paid Job Boards



The jobs are published for Indeed.  This allows Indeed to get the data.  The XML feed is scraped twice a day (2 pm and 11 pm, Central Time). To guarantee that these jobs appear on Indeed, you will need to have paid job slots (this would be set up through an agreement with Indeed). If you do not have paid job slots, it is unlikely that Indeed will have these jobs appear on their job board.

If you do utilize paid job slots on Indeed, you will want to speak to your Indeed representative to define the logic for which jobs will appear.




This is a paid integration. Once it has been turned on, you will need to go to the Avionte Marketplace and enter your Monster username/password to complete the connection. After this has been done, all users will see the option to post the job to Monster. When you are posting, there will be an information icon that will show you how many of your paid job slots have been used and how many are still available.




This is a paid integration. Once it has been turned on, you will need to go to the Avionte Marketplace and enter your CareerBuilder Vendor ID, Brand details, and Skin details. These details will need to be provided to you by your CareerBuilder representative.

With the CareerBuilder integration, only the user who has connected via the Marketplace will be able to see the option to post jobs to this job board. Once the option has been selected to post to, the jobs will appear on the job board in “near real time”.




These jobs are shared via an XML feed that is scraped at 2:10 AM Central time daily.



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