Choice Screening Integration

Choice Screening seeks to enhance organizations through strategic application of the right background screening services for their clients.

The Choice integration with AviontéBOLD allows you to use their screening services when performing your background check requests on prospective talent. The results are delivered to you in a report within the BOLD interface.

Key Takeaways

  • The Choice Screening integration with AviontéBOLD streamlines background check requests, delivering results directly within the BOLD interface for efficient talent screening.

  • Integration setup involves enabling the Choice Screening feature in the Accounts & Settings menu, ensuring a smooth connection between AviontéBOLD and Choice Screening services.

  • Users can easily manage background check requests through the Background Checks Dashboard Widget, ensuring compliance with validation requirements and tracking the progress of each request.


Integration Setup
Field Definitions
Using the Integration
Managing Background Check requests



Integration Setup

The Choice Screening integration must first be enabled.

  1. Open the Accounts & Settings menu.

  2. Click System Settings

  3. Click System Features

  4. Under the Integrations section, select Choice Screening

  5. Click Save

  6. Log out and log back in







  1. Navigate to Account & Settings

  2. Click Avionté Marketplace

  3. Find Choice Screening

  4. Click Details






Field Definitions

  • Client ID – Provided by Choice Screening
  • Client Secret – Provided by Choice Screening
  • Consent Type

Electronic: Consent form will be emailed to the talent after the background check request is submitted in BOLD.  The expectation is that the talent will sign it electronically before the background check request can be processed.

Paper: The staffing agency will present the consent form to the employee to be signed before requesting the background check via the integration.






Using the Integration


Send a Background Check Request

  1. From a talent record, navigate to the Screening section.

  2. Click the Create a Choice Screening button


  1. The Create Choice Background Check flyout opens and prepopulates with the talent’s information.

  2. Enter Drivers License information if needed

  3. Select a package from the Choice Package dropdown

  4. Click Submit Check



View Results

Once Choice Screening has processed the request, you are able to view the results in the Talent > Screening page and the Background Check Widget.

Talent > Screening page



Background Check Widget




Managing Background Check requests

Once the background check request is sent to Choice Screening, the requests can be tracked and managed through the Background Checks Dashboard Widget.  



Listed below are the required fields for every background check request.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State/Region
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Birth Date

If any of these data fields aren’t populated when clicking the Create a Choice Screening button, a message will display in the flyout

If any of the required data fields aren’t populated in the flyout when sending the request, the fields will be highlighted in red and will be required to complete before the Submit Check button can be clicked.




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